One of the Seven Heirs, very emotionless and has no personality in Hell.

a character in “Who Wants To Live Forever?”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Cosmos
Age: ageless, looks about sixteen
Role/Race: One of the Seven Heirs
Have you entered the school undercover? If so what as?: student
Ability/power: can accelerate his healing, and invisibility
Weapon: A black sycthe
Personality: he is very emotionless and has no real personality but going to earth gave him some emotions, and made him kind but cruel
What you call your realm: Plant Realm of Cosmos
Your realm appearance: An earthlike place overgrowth with plants
How you run your realm: He used to run it totally and completely, but left his servant in charge. When he has absent days, he goes back to the realm, and checks in on his kingdom

So begins...

Cosmos's Story