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"I'm bored, Beatrice." Jess stated with a sigh, as her darling circus princess came to sit beside her. They were sitting in the dim tent, which in this moment was completely empty. It was rare that there was no music, and entertainers, but Jess had decided to pause everything. There weren't an audience anyway, so it didn't matter. Jess glanced at the princess before leaning over, and using the princess' lap as a pillow.

"They all decided to go up and fiddle about together with Nero." She mumbled, clearly not happy. "And no one is around to play with! Not that I ever really play with those guys anyway... But this place just feels empty without them around, y'know?" Jess fell silent for a moment, and then sighed. "Maybe I oughtta join 'em. Just not today."

Jess had ended the rather one sided conversation, and now sat back up. The little bells that was stitched to her costume made little noises with each of her movements, although it wasn't something many noticed. She looked at her princess, and smiled to the woman who had once been so beautiful. Or, by human standards she had been beautiful. Jess only now thought of her as one worth looking at, but something sharp could always do wonders to flesh.