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Long ago an Archangel lost her life to save the one she loves. Reborn time after time, never knowing who she really was, will she forever continue the cycle?

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Setting: Kavelin.2010-07-14 05:28:03, as written by Lycos
((For now most roles will be NPC or not brought in at all. I don't want anyone having more than two characters as having more tends to cause confusion and even sometimes boredom. All not filled roles should not be brought up if possible or never used in a way that brings out their personality.))

Dawn rose in the city of Kavelin as a new year started for the students of St. Lawrence High. Many new faces would appear in the school this year. While appearing as normal people to all, the Heir's and Archangel's were anything but. The possibility that the Archangel of Sacrifice had been found after so long caused unrest within both groups. Valience, the leader of the Angel's made a decision to insure that his former lover would never awake. But, even in his darkest hour he was still an angel and could not kill an innocent human based on just speculation and suspicions. He sent angels to watch the girl and find out if she was what they believed her to be. When they returned to Paradise, the news that was delivered to Valience was worse than he feared. The one that took her from him, Nero, had found her as well. Not just this, but he had convinced several of his fellow Heir's to venture to Earth with him, some going out of loyalty and friendship, some out of curiosity and boredom, and some in the hopes of challenging an Archangel. Valience soon learned that the Heir's had not found out her identity as well, Nero and the others finding ways into the school to find the truth. The Archangels desire to destroy the Heir's was outweighed by the idea of innocents being harmed in any battles that resulted from meeting them. A decision was reached, to follow in suit with the Heir's and join the school as well. And so our story begins, with the realization that the World's strongest beings are in one place. Even the Heir's no not to attack in front of humans or around them at all. So, will there be a stalemate until her identity is confirmed? Or will they tear each other apart, and the rest of the world with it?

Nero sat in the Teacher's Lounge, tapping his fingers as the sound of the clock drilled into his brain. How long would he have to wait before he could see her? Taking a deep breath he thought about the others who came with him. Evangeline, Cosmos, Wrath, each stranger than the last. He knew their motives were different and possibly conflicted with his, but it didn't matter now. He would need all the help he could get if he had found her as well. Rubbing the X-shaped scar on his left cheek, he still remembered that day clearly in his head. Palming his face, Nero stood up and paced in the room, a few teachers coming in as the time past. Some greeted him as he introduced himself as Mr. Lewis, the new History Teacher. Wrath and Nero were the only ones to enter as staff, the others seemed to have taken on the student role. While Nero thought putting Wrath in charge of the school was a terrible decision, it does allow him to move with more freedom. The fact he managed to be able to schedule the suspected girl to take his first period class only added to his impatience.

In fifteen minutes the first class of the new year would start and for the first time in over a thousand years, Nero would see the person who meant more to him than even his fellow Heir's. Of course, to say he was the only one waiting to see the girl wouldn't be right.