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Long ago an Archangel lost her life to save the one she loves. Reborn time after time, never knowing who she really was, will she forever continue the cycle?

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Setting: Kavelin.2010-07-14 18:29:16, as written by Soviet Rei

Evangeline entered the History Classroom, her eyes somewhat obscured by her short hair. Nero would be the one teaching this class...though of course Evangeline had not come to help her dear brother find his little lover. She could care less about Nero and Arch Angel, and Nero would know it. Evangeline was only here because...to tell the truth, she was just bored. It was probably the most nonviolent form of amusement she could find on Earth--every now and then previously, something on Earth would irritate her, and then it would take all the Heirs to try to convince her not to cause Armaggeddon.
Well, the Arch Angel of Sacrifice would be in this first-period as well, Evangeline thought distastefully. Or, Amelia Carson, as she was calling herself. Evangeline herself would not be taking a new name for Earth--she would be going as Evangeline Arkanion, which sounded somewhat human anyway.
Around Evangeline were several students, talking and chattering away about the most idiotic topics. What did humans find so interesting in gossiping about clothes, members of the opposite sex, and who broke up with who?
A few people seemed to want to talk to Evangeline, but they were warded off with a cold glare. The last thing Evangeline needed on Earth was human friends.


Lilith sat in the nurse's office, looking at the clock even though she had nothing to wait for. Valience was here, as well as Raziel and Haven; Lilith herself had entered the school as a nurse not long ago. Unfortunately, the Heirs were also in the school; Wrath was even the principal: whoever let Wrath be the principal of a high school must have had their head screwed on the wrong way. Others had entered as students: Cosmos, of whom she knew very little but knew that he was cold and apathetic. And then there was Evangeline Arkanion, who was likely to cause Earth to implode before the year was out. And finally, Nero himself, posing as a history teacher. Lilith herself was just the cute nurse. If worst came to worst between the Archangels and the Heirs, Lilith had the ancient Lance of Lilith, whose origins were unknown even to her. But Lilith was not the type to want to fight anyway.