Who Wants To Live Forever?

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Long ago an Archangel lost her life to save the one she loves. Reborn time after time, never knowing who she really was, will she forever continue the cycle?

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Wrath growled inwardly as he restrained himself from committing suicide. Or, attempting to, at least. He hated this job. It was filled with paperwork, phone calls, and annoying students that he wanted to put on a spit and barbecue. Alas, he couldn't. He had sworn to Nero that he wouldn't blow up the school, or kill anybody. He would keep that promise. For now.

Of course, Wrath, or Principal Pierce as he was ow called, had absolutely no interest whatsoever in his brother's little love affair. His reasons for coming were purely strategic. If Nero restored the girl's memory, he and his fellow Heirs would have a new ally, if they were to battle the Angels. If he could keep the Archangel of Sacrifice away from her fellow birdies, the Princes and Princesses would have an advantage.

Now, for more bad news. His assistant principal was an Archangel. And not just any Archangel, but Valience himself. The AA was the only being, excluding God himself, Wrath doubted he could overcome in combat. It was a relatively small doubt, but it haunted his mind. If he even tried to kill a student, he would be in a helluva lot of trouble. "This sucks," Wrath murmured as he leaned back in his chair.