Who Wants To Live Forever?

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Long ago an Archangel lost her life to save the one she loves. Reborn time after time, never knowing who she really was, will she forever continue the cycle?

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Evangeline scowled as Cosmos came over and sat right in front of her. She had hoped to sit further away from most people--at least from the Heirs and Archangels--but it became apparent that would not be possible. Generally she would have gotten up and sat somewhere else, but she decided not to make a big deal about it. Instead, she glanced around to see one of the Arch Angels, Haven. Or, Haven 'Dangerfield' as she was calling herself as a human. One of the Angels here to try to find the ArchAngel of Sacrifice before the Heirs, and technically, Evangeline could; of course, Evangeline would hardly be looking for the Arch Angel anyway, unless it was to let her know that Arch Angels were not supposed to fall in love with Heirs. Historically, they had always been enemies. Her brother's foolish decision to pursue a relationship with an Arch Angel would not change that.