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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

Character Portrait: Freya Canobi just recently found out about her magical 'talent' shall we say?
Character Portrait: Victor Khan A young man just learning to control his magic
Character Portrait: Miette Mignonette The last decendant of a long line of powerful magicians, Miette has yet to prove herself just as powerful as her ancestors.
Character Portrait: Devin Tammed Devin is a funloving 14 year old who likes to get into mischeif. He normally hangs out with older kids and he seems to perfer nighttime to daytime. Devin found an amulet that allows him to turn into a wolf and other things. but it only works for him.
Character Portrait: Contessa beautiful, female of both mix magic families pink heart and silver crescent moon