Dark woodContessa

beautiful, female of both mix magic families pink heart and silver crescent moon

a character in “Wicked”, as played by Ashontae

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


beautiful long chestnut hair, golden eyes and a pretty lean figure. I have envious features, lovely large gold placid eyes, pale skin and small lips and nose.


I am desired by all and am known for my outgoing personality, I make myself known and heard and don't stop to make everyone else feel welcome as they enter the school. I am head-girl of my house which is mixed magic and flirt lusciously with all the guys' as I get along way better with guys then I do girl's, I have just one best friend that's a girl because I don't like many of the others and am known to be bisexual (: I believe flesh is just the shell.


I wear a short robe exposing my lean legs and my breast. it is beautifully patterned, auburn in colour with gold trim, I carry a knife under my dress as a precaution. I am also a anamorphic creature, I transform into a deep brown cat, with the same coloured eyes as an indicator of who I am.


I grew up out in the country and now my parents have accepted the invitation for me to use my wiccan powers and to control them. I am a very outgoing girl and I love being around people, I have interests in the guys among my school and I want to grow up to teach someday.

So begins...

Contessa's Story