Fabula high schoolDevin Tammed

Devin is a funloving 14 year old who likes to get into mischeif. He normally hangs out with older kids and he seems to perfer nighttime to daytime. Devin found an amulet that allows him to turn into a wolf and other things. but it only works for him.

a character in “Wicked”, as played by Maddyunlocked

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Devin has blonde hair, and bright emerald gren eyes. He is well built and average height. HE is a very fast runner and has a six pack. Devin is 14 and he will turn 15 in July on the 21.


Devin is very fun loving. He likes to get into mischeif and have fun. Devin is smart but doesnt always act like it. Devin likes younger kids, he is very kind and helpful. But he always hangs out with older kids. Devin likes night time better than daytime.


Devin uses a magical amulet that allows him to change into a wolf. When in wolf form he can go into different modes such as what he calls tracking mode where he cannot see but if he has the scent of something he can find it no matter how far away it is. So technically he uses his sence of smell to see. He has offense mode (in which he calls it) where his wolf form body turns into fog basically except his teeth which can stil very much hurt you. Plus they are lased with some type of deadly acid so he can hurt you but you cant hurt him. Then there is defensive mode where his coat turns to pure metal and still allows him to be flexible but it is harder for him to move around it so he mainly uses it for defence.


Devin has 2 siblings, aq little sister who is 12 named Kai, ad an older brother wh is 16 named Blake. When Devin was 13 (just turned) his parents were killed. By whom he had no idea but it was obviously murder. They were all sent to live with his uncle Tiberious, whom hated Devin. Devin tried to spend as much time out of the house as possible. One day while wondering in the woods he came across and old lady (commonly reffered to as a hag). She asked him for his help nd he gave it to her. She rewarded him with a beautiful amulet that changed colors, she told him to wear it always and when they time came he would be able to use it. And so he did

So begins...

Devin Tammed's Story