Fabula high schoolMiette Mignonette

The last decendant of a long line of powerful magicians, Miette has yet to prove herself just as powerful as her ancestors.

a character in “Wicked”, as played by Lady_Crimson89

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Miette is 6 feet tall and curvy. Her hair is a light brown with blond streaks and her eyes are a beautiful amethyst shade, though difficult to tell behind her glasses. She is a very attractive young woman, but she doesn't see that herself. Her skin is slightly tanned and she is usually wearing white long sleeve shirts, black pants or skirt, high heel thigh high boots, and black 'dress robe', as is traditional for the Mignonette family.


Unlike her family, Miette is very kind, generous, and friendly. She hangs out with everyone, even the outcasts, and is liked by most who know her. She is a bit timid when it comes to meeting new people, but soon opens up. She has low self-esteem and little confidence in her magical talents, which would be better if she just believed in herself.


Miette is usually seen with her class equipment with her, like books and writing utensils.


Miette Mignonette is the last in a very long line of powerful purebred wizards and/or magicians, and feels the need to prove she is powerful to her less friendly family. This is difficult, especially when her parents disprove of her friendship with those who are not purebred or powerful.

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Miette Mignonette's Story