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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Freya stared out the window sadly. She was stuck in school while her sister sat at home 'sick' and her mother was at work so she could do anything she wanted. Freya gave a sigh and turned back to her test. It was done and almost all right but she didn't want her parents expecting to much of her, so she got all B's and C's. She finally got up and put her test in the bin while waiting for the bell ran for her to go to her next class. Jamie Fox then struck out a foot for Freya to trip over but she avoided it only by kicking Jamie's foot so hard it threatened to break on the metal leg. She gave a cry and stood up clenching her fists and holding them close to her chest.
" THAT HURT YOU-" she cut of realizing that the teacher had walked in.
" 0 on the test then miss fox." he said shaking his head slowly. " And Miss Canobi, wash of that gang symbol." Freya raised her hand.
" Yes?" he asked impatiently,
" I am unable to do so, sir. It is stuck.
"What?!" he asked angry. She sighed and went back to her seat looking at the symbol on the back of her left and right hand. One was a crown, the left, and the other a spade, right hand. Half the school had them to show their heritage. But very few people had one on both hands, let alone different symbols. The thing was almost every family in the school had a symbol. Freya felt her hand tingle and it was covered in a grey glow. She smiled and gave a slight gesture to Jamie who started to jump. She jumped again then turned to her chair. Raising her hand she jumped again.
" Yes, Miss Fox." He said not looking up from his paper.
" I keep getting shOCKED!!" she jumped again as a spark came from the desk. He sighed and turned to the desk also giving a gesture to it and the sparks stopped. Jamie gave a sneer to Freya and went back to her work. Freya sighed, Its so hard to curse someone when you go to a magic enhancing school.