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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Freya gave a grin back but pushed it away quickly. She didn't want the teacher to notice. She new the teacher didn't notice the spell but se did and she counted to three and no sooner than she saw Victor's fingers reach zero the leg shattered and Jamie gave a squeal of surprise as she fell to the ground. Immediately the class burst into laugher and Freya allowed herself a chuckle. She then reached over to Victor and turned him.
" Well done." she said quietly as the teacher started to curse the desk.
" IT WAS HER!!!" she squealed pointing directly at Freya who groaned.
" Miss Canobi undo the magic!" he said crossing his arms.
" It wasn't me sir." she said calmly also crossing her arms.
" Who did this?!" he demanded pointing at the chair. Freya pointed at Jamie.
" She did." she said diffidently.
" Your saying Jamie destroyed a desk to get back at you?!" he asked shocked.
" Not only that but she wants the attention." she said putting her hands behind her back. ' And besides it didn't matter if Jamie hadn't done it, because i didn't do it either.' she thought closing her eyes.
" Jamie! What do you have to say for yourself?!" A woman yelled walking in over her spectacles she glared down at Jamie in dominance and arms folded in dignity. Jamie gave a slight gasp then said in a snooty voice.
" But Principal Foil, I have done nothing. She jinxed my desk!" she said yelling and pointing at Freya.
" Freya could not do a jinx than little even if she tried. And sometimes that is a good thing when in a bad situation." she added as Freya opened her mouth to protest and then she closed it looking down.
" Bu-"
" Don't you dare young lady!" she shouted taking a hand out and pointing in anger, " Your in enough trouble as it is!" and she took her away leaving the class in murmurs. Freya grinned and grabbed her books for spells class out of her desk, preparing to leave math at any second.