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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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"Well done," Freya says to him. Victor chuckles and says back, "Justice is a dish best served at absolute zero." He turns resumes his composure just before Jamie turns around and accuses Freya of destroying her chair. Now we will see if she is on my side or not, he thinks. He sits and watches the whole confrontation and is surprised to notice the principal came to see what the cause of the commotion was. He is pleased to note that not once does Freya betray him to the teacher or principal. As he prepares to leave math he addresses Freya, "Thank you for not ratting me out I am most appreciative." He then pulls his schedule out of his backpack and looks at it and says, "Time for alchemy, this could be interesting."