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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Freya was rushing out the door when Miette bumped into her. Freya spilled all her book onto the floor and glared at Miette with a glare.
" Oh, I'm sorry," she said quietly and Freya sighed.
" Don't worry to much about it." she said and flicked her hand and all her book s zoomed to her open arms. She smiled aprovingly then looked through to make sure it was all there. Her spell book was missing. She looked around but it was nowhere to be seen. She looked around when-
" Looking for something, Jerk?" her head shot up to see Jamie and her gropies standing there, Jamie held the book up and looked upon her with dominance.
" Give that to me." she threatened holding out her hand for the book.
" oh? is this yours?' she asked and Freya sent another surge for her book. With it in her sights the book nearly tore out of Jamies hand, which also proved it was hers. She then instead sent a shock way to Jamies hand which jerked violently but didn't relenquish the book. SuddenlyJamie sent a push spell directally at Freya who put up a shield spell so big it knocked Jamie down and she had just enough time to summon the book. Jamie then leapt up and straight out tackled Freya. As they wrestled on the ground they both were suddenly aware of the principal who had watched only Jamie doing the violence.