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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Victor is stunned by the principal's statement to start a fight on school property. However like all the other students he decides to join and take a stand. He turns to Mignonette who had followed him from the room and says, "well I picked a side in the class room and I will stick to that side." Then he walks over to the small group forming around Freya. He thinks he would rather not have to get involved but he had started this and so he was committed to see it through. As the fight begins he waves his left hand across the floor in front to his group. He is pleased to note that it has been covered in a sheet of black ice. As his fellow students begin to rush forward he motions them to stand still. However Jamie's group proceeds to run out onto the ice. Victor is happy to note that the first half dozen of them slip, fall to the ground a slide to the base of his groups feet. Now it truly begins, he thinks.