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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Freya felt disgusted. Miette was not fighting because of her parents? she wanted to hit the kid who had spoke the words. She then watched as everyone started to charge but Victor stopped their side. She was about to protest but then she saw the ice. Grinning she put things on her shoes to make them grippy. As she charged she thought about how the teachers all made a circle along with the student on the outside. She went over to Where she saw the principal and sure enough there was Miette. She went over then pulled her out of the perfect circle of boundary. As she did Freya turned on Miette and spat in her face.
" You sicken me!" she growled, " I don't care if you turn on our team, but you can't live your life without turning on your parents. If you can't do that I'll never respect you." she said and turned on the spot searching for Jamie, this was between them. As she search she saw her. Chasing after her she saw that Claire and her pride magic Alec, firing spells at each other. She turned to see Victoria fighting Kelly Emma and Shelby without even breaking a sweat and as a spell narrowly missed her face she turned to see Jamie glaring harder than ever. They stood there and everyone seemed to break way for there duel.
" Hello you little piece of Filth!" Jamie sneered, " Your blood get any cleaner yet?!" she smirked and Freya felt a pure hatred for Jamie. She sent a fire spell so fast it wasn't even visible. Jamie could not possibly respond but the fire spell hit her so hard that the fire put itself out. Jamie was nocked across and hit a kid behind her when a spell came flying at Freya and she put up a shield charm. Then turned her attention back to Jamie.