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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Miette didn't know what to say as Freya spat at her, "You sicken me! I don't care if you turn on our team, but you can't live your life without turning on your parents. If you can't do that I'll never respect you."
She was stunned by the words. It's not like she cared if she obeyed her parents or not; she was just too much of a coward to disobey them. She watched the fight with interest, rooting for Freya's team and laughing as Jamie was blown backwards by Freya's spell, knocking another kid over in the process.
Miette glanced over at the principal, who seemed to be more interested in watching Jamie and Freya fight than anything else. Slowly, she sneaked her way over into the fight, hoping she could still be of use. She glanced over at Jonathon, a Pride Magic, who was aiming another spell. "Freya, watch out!" She conjured up a reflector spell, which sent Jonathon's spell flying, hitting and sending him across the hall.