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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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Freya slowly grew weaker she felt something shift next to her. She turned to see Miette standing there. But there was something wrong. Her hands were red as if burnt and she was grinding her teeth in agony. Freya couldn't take seeing miette like this. ' Her family is too proud. They would but a betrayal curse on their own daughter?!' she thought then did something, she took one hold of one of Miette's hands and tried to take away the pain. Their lights were still the same even though Freya had taken some away but Miette had added. She felt her body begin to burn as she absorbed half of the pain and cried out. Suddenly there was a yell next to her as she turned she saw claire fall and Dustin standing there shooting spells at people in their group. She felt the rage build up and she took her hand away forcing a push spell upon him. She shot all the pain she had absorbed from Miette onto him and he began to writhe with pain. She then turned back to the beam of light which was slightly smaller than before with the lose of the 4 people Dustin had gotten. She then nudged claire who got up and she whispered in her ear.
" Send a random stun spell over there. "She whispered and then leaned over to victoria.
" Set up one way shield charms around the group." They both nodded and 3 people fell on the other side as claire shot spells, and though the others knew how to do shield charms they couldn't do one way. Freya then felt weak again as the anger flushed out of her and she stood there tottering weakly.