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You fought it a terrible battle, the teachers encouraged it. Now they are sending the best fighters on a mission . . . but can they be trusted . . .

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( Victor was is your family symbol? or are you a new magic?)

Freya was almost out of energy now and everyone around her was very weak. The other team had finally put up their shield charms and Jamie was still going strong when Freya felt Miette grab her hand giving her energy. She then sent a wave of strength at Jamie who caught it and sent it back. Just then the principal turned to her peers looking at Jamie and her while whispering. They nodded and then the teachers held up their arms for the students to stop.
" You are all tired and weak and hungry. You have been fighting for about an hour so it is time for you to have lunch." Jamie took the moment to shoot a spell at freya who tried to stop it but the principal must have cast a reflection spell there and Jamie got her spell right back at her. Jamie was knocked off her feet.
" You all are probably wondering why we actually encouraged the fight." she said sighing as Jamie growled at her.
" The truth is that our school always has a end of the year carnival with another magical school. But this year they threatened the lives of you and us by saying that they had the power of the black magic." she said fearfully. There were murmurs of students as the muttered shakily. The teacher nodded gravely and began to speak again.
" We wanted to see if any of you were strong enough to be accepted to a new group we are making." she said putting her hand behind her back, " We have chosen 15 students that will be accepted, and will discuss if any others should be accepted as well. If you are accepted then you will receive a letter in your locker by friday." she nodded then turned to the gym teacher.
" Go to lunch! And nice fight for your first day!" he said and waved them off.