Windfalls - The Clandestine Forest

Windfalls - The Clandestine Forest


Windfalls is a peaceful town, everyone get on with everyone and there is no trouble...until a new family move in.

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Windfalls is a peaceful town, it is surrounded by thick luscious forests and a large lake that is stopped by a large mountainside. The people are friendly and everything in town seems to go just right with help from the local townspeople. There is a school, a small hospital, a variety of shops, a library a police station and of course the houses are close enough to town so that everyone knows everyone.

However this isn't the case for a new family that moves into the town, they are welcomed by an individual who all the residents know as 'The Guardian' of course this title isn't used formally but it is known by the townsfolk. The new family are given a set of rules, these seem basic enough, don't litter, keep noise to a minimum standard stuff. But when they read the bottom rule things seem very strange.


They brush it off as general animal safety there's probably bears and mountain lions stuff that could probably cause harm. As the family settle in to the town, the first few weeks go swimmingly, only bothered by the howling that occurs every now and then. They start to explore there curiosity about the forest peaked and they investigate, what they find is confusing beyond measure. Part of the forest is blocked by an unseen force, like a barrier of air not matter how hard you push it can't be opened or passed through with exepction of the pathways. The confusing part is that there is a man, standing there just watching then from behind a tree. He is tall and strong his eyes look full of fear and anger. He sprints towards them but is thrown back about 10 feet from the barrier, making him more angry, letting out a deep gutterual snarl he storms off.

The family demand answer so they visit the Guardian, explaining about the man they saw and he decides to tell them the truth if they promise not to leave the town ever. He goes onto explain that the residents of the town are not exactly normal, they are magical creatures, witches, vampires all powerful beings that help the town in certain ways. The man in the forest is known simply as the wolf, they don't really use his name since they feel he doesn't deserve one. He is locked in the forest as pennant for his crimes against the town, years and years ago the wolf's pack invaded killing a lot of the villagers so the Guardian sealed him into the forest.

The witches of the town also known as 'The Protectors' form the magical barrier that stop the wolf breaking through, as well as creating illusions to calm him when he peaks in anger, The Vampires under there other name as ' The Keepers' feed the wolf with fresh meat and live animals to contain the hunger and bloodthirsty monster. As 'The Guardian' he makes sure the town is safe and that the wolf is not causing trouble.


Witches, ( would like to have a mix of abilities like some have strengths that others don't, possible romance development likely to happen with the wolf and a witch perhaps all up for discussion though)

Witch 1|Temperance L Carrington| 24 | IAMQ| Chloe Grace Moretz

Witch 2 Name| age | PhoenixHeart| Jemima West ( reserved by PhoenixHeart)

Witch 3 Name| age | taken by| face claim



Vampire 1 Name| age | taken by| face claim

Vampire 2 Name| age | taken by| face claim

Vampire 3 Name| age | taken by| face claim


All powerful being

(Looking for one person for this role somebody who really hates the wolf, and wants nothing more than to watch him suffer. Can be any powerful being)

Name| age | PhoenixHeart| face claim



Human 1. Name| age | taken by| face claim ( RESERVED by IAMQ)

Human 2 Name| age | taken by| face claim

Human 3 Name| age | taken by| face claim


Werewolf face claim

'The Wolf'|Arturo DeGari|25| Taken by : TheSpaceInBetween

GM | TheSpaceInBetween
Co - GM | IAMQ

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Looking for a co-gm, someone to help me plot things out.

If you wish to apply for a character please send a PM with your interest so I know who going for who.

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Re: Windfalls - The Clandestine Forest

I'd like to play a vampire or human. Though I might not have him up until the weekend.

Windfalls - The Clandestine Forest

"Windfalls - The Clandestine Forest"

Welcome to Windfalls, we are still looking for a few more players to join our happy little community.

Currently available we have...

1 Witch ( The Protectors)

3 vampires ( The Keepers)

2 humans ( The intruders)

You can double up on characters if you like send me a PM with your character role.

Look forward to hearing of you.