EarthPeri Moretti

The daughter of the original WINGS warrior, Elizabeth, and a psychokinetic man from Italy named Alessio

a character in “Wings”, as played by syrafay

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Peri has the olive-skinned complexion of the Italian with sparkling green eyes from her mother. She is small and petite in stature, and she has light brown hair she has never cut. By now, it has just about reached her knees. She often wears simple white dresses that nicely contrast against her skin color, and she doesn't commonly wear shoes. Her face is heart shaped, and her lips are very full, but she has an innocent air because of her life in seclusion from the real world.


Everything about Peri is dainty, even her laugh is small and tinkling. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is always laughing, but over the years, her laughter has become less full, and her smiles are less and less brilliant. The captivity has come to affect her very personality. She doesn't get angry very often, but when she does, she is terrifying, despite her size. She loves anything about being outside. She loves weather of all kinds, nature, animals, anything. She is also very kindhearted and understanding. She is a loyal friend too.


Peri comes with a beautiful set of wings inherited from her mother. She is also psychokinetic, an ability she inherited from her father. Because of these abilities, her equipment ends up being anything nearby. The only thing she wears is a dog tag with a set of wings on it and her name engraved on the back and the serial number, just like everybody in the WINGS sector, but her chain also holds two wedding rings from her mother and her father, the only thing they had ever owned.


Peri was born in captivity to the first WINGS captive, Elizabeth, and an Italian man named Alessio who could move things with his mind. She was born with her mother's wings, and early in life, she showed signs of also inheriting her father's abilities. The moment she was born, her mother had looked at her with tears and whispered her name, Peri, meaning fallen angel. They were a happy family for a while, but when she reached the age of 3, she was torn away from her parents' side to begin her own training. She had been training for 8 years without ever seeing her parents, when, at the age of 10, she received news that her parents had passed away. While approaching their deaths, they were permitted to write a letter to Peri, one from each of them, and in the envelope, they had left their wedding rings. Not even allowed to attend their funeral, the WINGS association continued to push her training.

She trained for 10 more years before her training regime was finally relaxed. Now, at the age of 20, she feels her lack of freedom so strongly. The wound from her parents' death had never fully healed, and it had festered into a resentment against WINGS and what it stood for. It rankles at her, even now, even under her sweet temperament. She has to be free. She has to escape.

So begins...

Peri Moretti's Story