Valley of the RiversShrike

A loyal young she-wolf with an unusual golden pelt.

a character in “Wolves of River Valley”, as played by Everscale

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


A very slender wolf with incredibly long legs and a short golden coat that makes her look even thinner. Her eyes never lost some of their blue tint, leaving them a sparkling green. She is a very fast and agile runner, though not particularly strong, when compared to some wolves.


She is bold and loyal, and always protective of everyone around her. She has little ambition to her, leading only when no one else will. She prefers, in the end, to stay in a den and help an alpha female care for the pups. She is primarily a babysitter and a guardian.


A pair of strong jaws and four long, powerful legs.


Frustrated with the lack of space and food on the Great Plains, Shrike left with the others in search of a new home in the fabled Valley of the Rivers.

So begins...

Shrike's Story