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Human: Sociopathic hunter of all things supernatural.

a character in “Women of the Otherworld: The Underground”, as played by Jerred Alain

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Name: Emile Smith

Nickname: 'Smith'

Profession: A hunter of any and all things supernatural. If it isn't human, it's a target.

Race: Human (Male)

Height: 6'0''

Build: Medium build, well toned through regular training and exercise

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Skin Color: Light tan

Hair Color: Dark brown short and wavy, graying.

Age/Age Appearing: 43

Marks/Style/Appearance: Emile always has a weathered and tired look about him, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes indicating a troubled existence but besides this he is quite unremarkable. His dress is often adapted for whatever task is at hand, but mostly he will wear dark jeans, a black shirt and a tan bomber jacket to cover everything. He has several changes of clothing including body armour stashed in his truck.

Relations & Friends: No friends to speak of. Emile has made contact with a few other like minded individuals over the last few years and for the most part have parted ways ammicably and even pass eachother information occasionaly. Everyone else is either left on the road behind or is now dead by his own hand. No family: His immediate family have all died, while his only Brother has no partner or children and moved away 10 years ago to parts unknown with a serious drink problem. He has not spoken to him in all that time.

Talents/Special Abilities: No supernatural abilities. Emile is however an exceedingly driven man and uses his past experience, rigorous training regime and sheer force of will to get himself through most situations. It has been commented briefly by his targets before their almost innevitable execution at how quiet he can be, but the source of this ability is purely mundane.

Weaknesses are as all other mortals, although he has a remarkable resilience to pain.

Awareness: Has come across Vampires, Werewolves,a pair of ghosts and a single clairvoyant over the last seven years, and specialises in hunting Vampires even though they are exceedingly hard to find. He's heard rumours, tales and stories from various sources of other creatures stalking the night including demons, shapeshifters and even magic users but has yet to make contact with them. He hasn't decided if they are simply that: rumours.

Quote from Emile - "I remember when one of your kind begged for her life too, and I'll tell you what I told her. You're not human, and you do not belong here. Every one of you I kill makes the world better, and I don't give a damn what you pretend to be when not out murdering"

Model: Gabriel Byrne



Emile is a cold, sociopathic ruthless killer and has seemingly lost the ability to empathise or have compasion with anything or anyone. His life revolves around traveling from one area to another, hunting down supernatural creatures who have 'infiltrated' normal society and killing them - often after interrogating them to se if they know of any others like them in the area. Although he remains professinal at all times and from looking at him you wouldn't guess, but he enjoys his work immensley: both the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of the kill.

Money is of no consideration to Emile although he supports himself by card sharking, credit card scams and stealing possessions and money of those he kills - often disguising the kill as a burglary gone wrong. All that matters to him is that he kills more creatures for as long as he can, fueled by a smoldering rage that even after several years has a long way to go to begin to diminish.

Emile is a skilled actor, and can play a variety of roles to avoid suspicion and blend with most any given crowd. Anyone speaking to him when he isn't putting on an act will see him as a cold hearted and hard man, who has an exceedingly dark gallows humour and will often only speak when it is absolutely necessary. To pass the time Emile happens to be a avid reader, both of old texts that could aid him in his work and all other manner of genres including fiction, poetry, science fiction and classics.



Land Rover Defender

A hidden rear compartment full of hunting gear including:
Single shot dart gun (with tranquilisers twice the strength used on elephants)
G36C assault rifle (5.56mm)
AS50 Semi Auto Sniper Rifle (.50 calibre)
2 x Glock 31 (.357 calibre)
1 x Glock 33 (.357 Calibre)
Hatsan Escort Shotgun (12g)
180lb crossbow (multiple tactical heads)
Large Sawback Machete
Large hunting knife
Various trinkets, charms, powders and assortments for use against sundry others (most of them useless)



Emile Served as a ranger marksman in his youth before retiring at 25 to come back to his hometown of Akron, Ohio to work with his father at his tyre Factory. It was a good job and involved him using his mind and his hands which suited him down to the bone, and soon enough he was married to his highschool sweetheart he had left to join the military, assuming she had moved on in his absense. A whirlwind romance and quick marriage led to two sons being born and an almost blissful married life.

At the age of 37 he returned home from work to find his family murdered with their body parts strewn around the house. Amidst the carnage stood a young native american lady dressed only in leathers and furs with not a scrap of blood about her, but carrying a large longsword. In a rage he rushed her, only to be caught by her glare where he found his limbs not responding anymore. As he stood there dumbstruck she said these words - "I will find him for you", and with that she left. Emile never understood those words and never saw the woman again, vowing to scour the world for her and have his revenge for the murder of his family. From what he learned over the next few years he believes she may have been a vampire, but beyond that he is at a loss.

Distraught and entirely out of his mind, he left the home a few days later and has never returned back to that town since. His initial aim was to hunt this woman and whatever the hell she was, and although his first year yealded no traces he began to get the hang of spotting supernatural events through news reports and media, traveling America in pursuit of them. His first kill was what he assumed was a werewolf, discovered halfway through its metamorphisis and dispatched relatively easily. From there things opened up, and every month or so there was another kill on his chart as he made his way through any and all creatures he could find.

After 7 years of this Emile has become an accomplished killer, making up for his lack of natural abilities or powers with careful preparation, planning and a force of will and determination you could use to drill through walls. The loss of his family damaged his mental wellbeing greatly, and though he admits it to nobody his dreams are often troubled and restless. His jobs have not always gone so smoothly especialy early in his career, and some creatures have escaped his grasp to spread word of the man with no soul hunting them down. On a few occasions his victims even happened to know his name probably through his reputation, simply calling him 'Smith'.

His driving passion is to find that woman again and take his time pulling her apart. Beyond that his mind simply can't see. The kill is the goal, and nothing more.

So begins...

Emile Smith's Story