PurgatoryAlvios 'Al' Soveta Nicorastanian III

"I don't think I'll be leavin' too soon..."

a character in “Wonderful World”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Alvios 'Al' Soveta Nicorastanian III

Gender: Male

Race: Human soul

Age: 21

Appearance: Al

Clothing: He wears a blue hat strung with bullet shells, having two holes in it at the top and mostly covering his face with shade. He wears a blue vest with various bullets, covering that is a tan poncho.

Weaknesses: He can get cocky to the point of underestimating his enemies and doesn't do too good with close combat, especially without his guns.

Weapon: His most prized possessions, 'Golden Phoenix' and 'Silver Death'.

Personality: Al is like a stray cat-He'll stay somewhere, but then he'll leave with no warning, just leaving a note saying thanks for all the food. He really only leaves when he feels that he's not needed anymore, but he has a feeling that he won't be leaving for a long time now that he's here. He often 'goes with the flow' and doesn't get upset by many things, the only thing he gets really upset about is if innocent people are hurt. He can be pretty cocky and will often underestimate his enemies and is overconfident... Which will often result in him shooting his enemies, finding out that their more tougher than expected, usually when this happens he flees to a farther point to shoot them from afar. He's pretty proud of his name, he will say it loud and clear whenever he introduces himself. He may be rough around the edges, but he has a heart of gold. He's very stubborn, he sticks with what he believes in, and it's very hard to get him to change his decisions. He is also, surprisingly, pretty happy-go-lucky at times.

Background: Al was born into a Gunner family, being famous for their gun shows and skills in... Well... Guns. They had three sons, even though he has 'The 3rd' in his name, his brothers actually have slight differences in their names. Their names, from oldest to youngest, were Alvias, Alvius, and Alvios, but you can call them 'the three Al's'. The two other brothers were extremely skilled with their gunning skills, being able to shoot targets from as much as ten miles away, or at least that's what is told. The third brother, being Alvios, was no exception, also had great gun skills, but wasn't as good as his two brothers. He did aspire to become better, or at least match in skill with his two brothers, especially the oldest; Alvias, who was the best. Alvios had a strong, but friendly rivalry with his brothers, saying that he was going to best them some day. His brothers would just laugh and say "Nah, you, little bro?", he thought that they were joking and would laugh with them, but they were serious, never expecting for their little brother to best them, since he was the youngest brother after all. Then one day, at the age of 16, he moved out. No warning, no motive to, nothing. Just got up and left. He took a big case of his belongings, some money, and left a note, saying that he'd return someday, but that he felt that just staying in one place 'didn't feel right.

However, one day he died while protecting an innocent town from what he believed to be a cruel and unfair sheriff. His main concern now is if the town is safe and if the sheriff died, or is at the very least locked up somewhere, being unable to do any more harm elsewhere.

For human souls: Confident, able to move on, and has good values.

So begins...

Alvios 'Al' Soveta Nicorastanian III's Story