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Basic Information;

"You win the game, or you die trying. I intend to win."

Name: Phaedra Brehon
Age: 114
Race: Magician
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Faction: The dealers
Best Feature: Knowing when to be quiet and when to go for broke. Also, subtlety.


Phaedra stands at 5'5 and has a far from intimidating physique. At the lower end of the ideal weight for someone of her height, Phaedra has a very narrow and slight build, particularly noticeable in her shoulders. She has dark curly hair which, on the rare occasion that she wears it down, reaches to her waist and green eyes. Phaedra takes great pride in her appearance and rarely has a thread out of place. Everything is intentional. Phaedra favours dresses similar to those seen on a medieval noblewoman. More material means she had more places to had supplies and weapons. Her weapons are often hidden in her sleeves or in the folds of her skirt. She prefers colours at the more gothic end of the spectrum and is never seen without wearing her choker. Make-up wise, Phaedra keeps things very simple, often wearing lipstains of varying shades of reds and dark pinks. The eye make-up is minimal, rarely going beyond a light usage of eyeliner.


Manipulation is the game Phaedra plays best at. She is very good at bringing people around to her way of thinking. Many people who know of her question Phaedra's loyalty, but her true loyalty absolutely lies with the Dealers. Phaedra is rather aloof and keeps her distance from the Dealers in large gatherings. Phaedra isn't exactly a people person and barely tolerates the existence of most people, unless they can be of some use to her. To those not connected to the Dealers, she is superficially charming and flirtatious, all while trying to weasel as much information out of them as possible. Phaedra is a patient woman, and has a very long fuse, but woe betide the soul who pushes her too far. Despite her cool exterior, Phaedra has a fiery temper and violence wise, her hands are not the cleanest. While she's distant at best, when she's in Dealer mode, Phaedra is downright cold and ruthless. She's sees this whole thing like a game, and is playing to win, no matter who she stands on or hurts along the way. She rarely forms emotional attachments to people, because she knows that eventually she will have to cast them aside to further her own ambitions or they'll let her down. It always happens that way. In the rare event that she actually likes someone, they find Phaedra an altogether warmer person. She has a great deal of time for people with ambition, people who want to change the world, and has great respect for her fellow dealers and treats them with the courtesy she would hope to receive from them in return.

Fine wine|| Full skirts|| The Dealers|| Autumn|| Ivy||Horses|| Daggers|| Chess

The rulers|| Most people|| Roses|| Gardens|| Heavy make-up|| Being rushed

Collecting ornate daggers|| Fine tuning her abilities|| Gathering information|| Reading|| Playing chess


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Pheadra Brehon's Story


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Vale, watched as the scene unfolded before him. Something about this whole thing, made his insides tickle with laughter. The panic of the people, a dead body, fire, confusion, just all of it was the cherry on top of a perfect party.

"Haha haha haha haha!!!!!" He held his stomach as he laughed so loud that most of the people quiet down to stare at him. 'Haha! Forgive me for laughing so loudly! Talk about a dead part before, it sure did light up fast! Hahaha!" He breathed in and sighed with a smile on his face.

People looked at him as if he was mad or crazy. Sure maybe he was, but he wouldn't be here if he wasn't. "Do forgive me, once again. Thy name is Vitriol, Valentine Vitriol." He bowed ever so gracefully.

You could hear already that people have heard of him as the Mysterious Shop Keeper. Many have thought him to be fake. But that was surely untrue.

Apart from that he went on with what he had to say. "Wonderland sure has gone down over the years, or so I see. It seems that the new rulers to this place, have nothing to rule over, if the madness has gotten this far out of hand. It's a shame really. I am disappointed." He placed both hands onto his fancy walking stick with his poster perfect and his head facing down as if he was ashamed. "I guarantee that alot of you will most likely die, if not tonight, along down the road. It's best to take care of the problem while it is in hand. And from the looks of it, there is more than just 'De'Laire' behind it all. But before that, maybe none of you should point fingers at who it could be, for all we know. The culprits is the Royals. Or it could just be one big show!" He threw his hand up and started to laugh. "But in all ends seriously, it seems that someone wants the Royal's attention and we all know that everyone hates every last one of you. So it could have been anyone hear." He spoke nothing but the truth, just as how he saw it. "Well, most of everyone. Haha."

Normally he was a very kept cool type of guy, but this was over the top even for him. But he couldn't help it, he was just so entertained that it broke him, turning his laughter into madness. It had made his compused side vanish and there was a slight twist about his eyes. That only those who know him, knows what it means. He was excited to the point that he wanted to be involved of whatever is going on. Even if the was the accused, he wanted to be in. This had interested him and nothing could get him out of it.

"There is but one thing that I know, if you want to know who is behind all of this. We must find the Cheshire Cat. He sees everything. He is the eyes and ears of wonderland. Find him and we get our answers."