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Vampires were only believed to exist in the world of fiction but what happens when humans suddenly become brutally aware of the world immortals dwell in and their royal family?

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Character Portrait: Felix Balaurvade

"So long as you believe, everything will be ok? ...How stupid."

Character Portrait: Luca D. Vidali

"Dearest family, I beseech of you - allow me to play my games in PEACE! BE AWED BY THE SIGHT OF MY PERFECTION!"

Character Portrait: Saki Takako

Character Portrait: Primula Cage

"Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't. Macbeth." {WIP}

Character Portrait: Dante Marcello Vidali

The eldest prince

Character Portrait: Cain Dracul

"Eu sunt Dracul, now what may I do for you?"

Character Portrait: Victoria Vidali

The true royal beings have no servants but instead serve one another. Love is Royalty."

Character Portrait: Raven Lee Attoria Massacre

Character Portrait: Aidan Roth

"Bad things happen, but the real tragedy is letting them destroy who you are." Minor WIP

Character Portrait: Katherine Vidali

"You can hurt me but if you hurt my family, I'll rip out your heart."