Victoria Vidali

The true royal beings have no servants but instead serve one another. Love is Royalty."

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a character in “World of the Immortals”, as played by Kura Ravengade


Love is a Beautiful pain | Endless Tears
"Never stop doing your best simply
because no one gave you credit."


"Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey."


| Name |
Victoria Vera Vidali
"Don't comment on the V's. Blame my mother and father."

| Nickname(s) |
"Call me Vicky or Tori and I swear to God I'll punch you in the throat."

| Age |
Appears 17; Actually far, far older.
"Excuse me? Did you just ask my age? How rude!"

| Grade |
"I graduated a long, long time ago."

| Gender |
"Did you really second guess?"

| Fears |
Aphenphosmphobia ~ Fear of being touched {Although she is able to overcome this fear in certain circumstances, such as when dueling/training or in battle}
Arachnaphobia ~ Fear of spiders
Arsonphobia ~ Fear of fire
Astraphobia ~ Fear of thunder
"Everyone has something to fear in life."

| Oddity |
Must have even numbers in every circumstance.
Bites on the nail of her thumb when in deep thought.
Constantly doodles without realizing she's doing so.
Taps foot with a rhythm during anything that sounds like a melody.
Grammar must always be correct.
Eats the crust of the pizza before starting at the tip.
Synesthete {Chromesthesia} ~ Can see sounds; when hearing certain sounds, she sees colors. Such as if a door opens, the creak causes her to see the color of a dark red. Music is a beautiful array of colors for her, hence her love for listening to it.
"What can I say? I appreciate my own oddities."

| Sexuality |
"I like men, but I don't like some of their egos."

| Romantic Interest |
Eldest princess Bodyguard
"Who wants to know?"

| Nationality |
Rome, Italy
"With a name like Vidali, is it really that surprising?"

| Job |
Translator; Peacekeeper; Strategist; Royal Guard Overseer
"I wouldn't call them jobs, so much as my duties."

| Role |
The Eldest Princess
"Being regal isn't necessarily a skill that I possess."


"Stars can't shine without darkness."


| Scent |
"I like to consider myself to be au naturale."

| Skin Tone |
"The life of a vampire is a cruel one. I'm unable to tan in even the slightest. In fact, due to the weakness of my body in comparison to other vampires, the only reason that I'm able to go out and into the sunlight at all is because of my beautiful ruby necklace. If it weren't for that, I would be confined to the indoors during all daylight hours."

| Eyes |
"Be careful not to get lost in them."

| Height |
"I'm not short!"

| Weight |
"I'm in shape, that's all."

| Scars |
A splay of scars across her arms and legs from years of training with the royal guards.
"Battle wounds, as papa always called them. Pure blood vampires may have near perfect bodies, but my own was always a bit weaker than others when it came to injuries."

| Tattoos |
Back of Right Hand
"How else do you expect me to conduct my magic?"

| Birthmarks |
A crescent moon on her right hip bone.
A splay of stars across her left calf.
"Mama always said I was born under the moon and the stars."

| Piercings |
Two studs in each ear.
"Piercings are disgusting if placed anywhere other than the earlobes."

| Blemishes |
"Other than my scars, birthmarks, and tattoo, I have no markings on my body what-so-ever. Like I said, au naturale."


"I never dreamed about success.
I worked for it."


| Personality |
Strong-willed | Stubborn | Playful | Determined | Intelligent | Powerful | Kind | Fair | Protective

| Likes |
Hot Chocolate
Spicy Food
Sharp Objects
Romance Stories
"Little things can bring you a lot joy."

| Dislikes |
Being too Cold
Being touched
Unnecessary Conflict
False Emotions
Dishonest People
"Is there a problem?"

| Abilities |
Persuasion ~ By using only her voice, she is able to talk lower class and normal vampires and other weaker beings into doing her will. When using eye contact, she can often do the same to strong creatures, even those in the same class as she and her family.
Creation ~ The ability to bring that which one draws or creates with their hands to life; the ability to bring nightmares/dreams to life; the ability to bring thoughts to life; the ability to bring stories to life; the ability to bring inanimate objects to life.
Animal Communication: The ability to speak to animals
Super-Speed ~ The ability to run at a faster rate then others.
Super-Strength ~ The ability to be strong then most.
'Magic' ~ She specializes in spell-casting, using the tattoo on the back of her hand as a channel in order to cast said spells without conflict. They do draw energy from her, and more powerful spells costs more energy, making her spell casting limited when it pertains to powerful spells. Her favored spell is Gandr, which concentrates magical energy into her forefinger, resulting in a hazy black orb to be subsequently fired like a bullet. She also favors using jewel magecraft, which enables her to transfer magical energy from herself and into jewels and use them as talismans, hence the necklace that she wears when entering sunlight. She provides the same magic for any vampire who asks of it, if she deems them worthy, finding it unfair to keep the ability to enter the outside world during daylight hours strictly to the pure bloods.
Music ~ Victoria is very skilled in the art of music, and has perfected the Harp, Cello, and Piano. She is almost always humming a tune or listening to music, and can be seen tapping her foot whenever there's a rhythm to be heard.
Art ~ Her art is her favorite thing. She uses it for her ability of Creation, and is very careful when drawing. She is extremely obsessive with getting every detail right before finishing a painting, since once she finishes a drawing, it immediately comes to life. This is why she never finishes reading a story aloud, is very careful when handling objects, and is careful with her thoughts. Her dreams are uncontrollable, however, and when she was little she would always awaken to find something new in her room, whether it was some mystical creature or a frightening monster. She knows the true meaning of the Boogeyman, because she once brought him into reality. It's taken a very long time, but she's managed to suppress her ability of creation enough to control it in most circumstances, and not finishing her art work until it's perfect is one of the ways that she controls it
"Things don't just come easily to me. I've worked hard and long to master my skills, and I still have a long ways to go before I've perfected them. You can only ever get better."

| Flaws |
Appears to be cold-heated
"Your flaws are perfect for the hear that is meant to love you."

| Weaknesses |
Quick Temper
Her body doesn't heal as quickly as other vampires bodies do.
"Weakness is not a reason; just an excuse."

| Hobbies |
Music {Harp, Cello, Piano}
Jewel Magecraft
Horseback Riding
"Everyone has something that they enjoy more than other things."


"Walking with a friend in the dark
Is better than walking alone in the light."


| History |
Victoria grew up just as normally as anyone could expect the princess of the vampire race to. Born the eldest daughter of the King and Queen in the middle of the Renaissance Era, she was educated in only the best of ways. She received the best schooling from the time that she was old enough to retain anything, and her days were filled with classes and physical training. Although born a woman, her mother insisted that she learn to protect herself, and that is how she came to be one of the most skilled fighters in the vampire realm.

An extremely focused young woman, Victoria channeled all of her time and energy into her schooling and training, both in combat and with magic. From a very young age she showed promise of being a powerful magic individual, and her mother hired the most well-known mage to instruct her. He was an older, kind man, with gentle eyes and a warm smile, and she thought of him more so as a father than she ever did her own father. He helped to guide her into being the person that she is today, and she has him to thank for her getting through everything that she has been through. Although he no longer lives at the castle, having taught her all that he could, he visits frequently and it always brings her great joy to see him. He, himself, thinks of her as a daughter figure, and dotes upon her whenever he visits.

Victoria's goal is to become the queen, but her brother, Dante, is good competition in that retrospect.
"Listen with your heart ... Not your ears."

| Other |
"Music can create the most beautiful of colors."

"Live life to it's fullest, and enjoy your loved ones.
You never know how short your or their time might be."

So begins...

Victoria Vidali's Story


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"We sincerely apologize for awaking you this early in the morning when you were up so late pouring over the royal documents and then painting, but unfortunately, I must. Mistress Katherine has run off again and left another suitor sitting and waiting, and I'm afraid that your presence is necessary to soothe his blistered ego, Madam Victoria."

A muffled groan mixed with a sigh was the only sound that escape the mound of blankets that were piled high on the beautiful bed. Stray locks of dark hair could be seen peeking out from beneath them, and after a moment of shuffling under the warm covers, a head slowly began to emerge, the blankets falling away. The reveal was nothing too tremendous - simply a young woman with long, tangled hair, a sleepy look on her porcelain complexion, and a red nightgown covering her body.

Stifling a yawn, her fingers splayed daintily across her ruby lips, the young lady turned her dazzling aqua eyes on the two maids who stood at the side of her bed. A slightly disgruntled expression crossed her features before she smoothed them and placed a gentle smile on her face.

"It's no trouble, Clarice - Trista. I know that it isn't your fault, and what with it being Katherine, it was undoubtedly for the best that you fetched me instead of either of my brothers. Who knows what kind of mischief they would cause if they were to speak with the young man. If you would be kind enough to inform the suitor that I will be there momentarily, I'll go ahead and dress myself. Take him to the study."

Tossing back the covers, Victoria dropped to the cool stone floor beside her bed. It sent a small jolt of chilliness through her body, but she quickly brushed the feeling away, instead approaching her closet. When Trista began to follow her in an attempt to help her dress, she waved the girl off with a simple toss of her dainty hand. The maids scurried from the room, the door falling shut with a small swish behind them.

"Oh, how I love my dear sister - but sometimes ... Sometimes I want to strangle her until she's blue in the face," Victoria sighed, shifting through the beautiful gowns that hung in her formal attire wardrobe. She finally stopped when she came across a beautiful red gown, which matched her ruby necklace that currently rest against her chest.

In a matter of minutes she was dressed and pulling her hair free from being tucked beneath the gown. She approached her desk, which held a large mirror and a wide array of makeup and hair styling products.

"Oh, the twenty-first century is rich in pointless material objects," she sighed, seating herself to begin preparing her hair.

Once done, she rose and approached the doors to her bedchambers and swiftly left the room, pausing in the hallway outside of it.

"Vocare Dracul," she said softly, her voice echoing with an otherworldly tone to it. "The study."

With her summons for her guard to appear out in the air, Victoria began the short trek to the study, where Katherine's 'suitor' awaited.

It didn't take her long to reach it, and by the time that she did, the young vampire was pacing across the room, hands clasped impatiently behind his back, and a dark scowl on his features. The maids from her room stood at the doors and opened them for her, the man whirling around to face her with the cloudiness of anger in his features.

"Are you Lady Katherine? I understand the importance that young women place on being 'fashionably late', but I find it extremely rude for you to take the better part of an hour to grace me with your presence!" he snapped, his beautiful features twisted with the nastiness of his personality.

Lifting her hand, which was glad with a beautiful red glove, Victoria stopped the man with a single look. She took her time approaching the large chair that sat behind the equally impressive desk, and by the time she had done so, he was practically quivering with fury. With a single motion of her hand for him to sit, she rest her elbows on the desk, her chin placed lightly on her fingers that were clasped together.

"A word from the wise - do not allow your emotions to control your personality. It gives you a very nasty appearance to others," she began, her expression blank but her eyes holding a darkness that spoke of what would happen to him should he speak out of turn again.

"I am Lady Victoria, the eldest sister of the Vidali's. Whether or not I was Katherine, does not permit you to speak in such a way. You are not my superior, and from what I've seen so far, I would not welcome you as an equal should you ever take my sister's hand in marriage. I admit that what Katherine has done is wrong, but that does not permit you to speak in such a disrespectful manner to a lady, especially one who is undeserving of it, such as myself."

The man went to speak, and in a swift motion Victoria had straightened, her gaze meeting his.

"Silence," she ordered, her voice echoing with a mixture of other feminine voices. He quickly shut his mouth, the sound of his teeth connecting together loud in the room.

Pushing herself to her feet, Victoria placed her hands on the desk before her.

"My sister, Lady Katherine, will not be accepting your offer for her hand in marriage. As one of her appointed guardians, I decline your offer as well. It is with my sincerest apologies that I must send you away, but if she is unwilling to even meet with you, than I cannot change her mind. I may be one of her guardians, but that does not mean that I control her. It is her life to live, and she will live it how she pleases, whether or not my maniacal uncle has a say in it. It is her decision and her decision alone. She is not a child. And from what I've seen form the moment that I've walked in, I would want nothing to do with you, either. You may leave now," she stated simply.

Without another word, she made her way around the desk, the two maids opening the doors once more for her to leave. The sound of the young man scrambling to his feet made her pause, however, and when the sound of quick footsteps across the carpeted floor approached her from behind, she turned only slightly. His hand reached out for her, and before it could connect with her shoulder, she had gripped his wrist and twisted it sharply, a loud snap echoing in the room. The man let out a howl of pain, the two maids gasping in surprise, and when he went to reach with his other hand, she swiftly tugged on the arm belonging to the wrist that she had broken, dropped her weight down, and flipped him over her head. In the same motion she turned, twisting the same arm painfully behind him, and slammed him into the floor. Her heeled foot pressed down on the back of his head, pushing his face into the ground, and she held the twisted arm up and in the air above his body. He squirmed only slightly, otherwise immobile in this position.

The maids were frozen in surprise and in fear, but in an instant Trista let out a cry of terror. The thundering footsteps belonging to the regular brigade of guards that patrolled the halls at all times approached, and the two young women were brushed aside. One of the guards approached and bowed to her briefly before taking the suitor's arms and hefting him up, ignoring the shouts of pain the man made as his injured arm was pulled on.

The entire situation happened in less than three minutes, and in an instant the guards and the suitor were disappearing down the hallway, trusting her solely with her reasoning for blunt force without requiring an explanation.

Hefting a sigh, Victoria began down the hallway, freeing her slightly-unkempt hair from its braids. The movements of protecting herself had pulled strands free from their confines, and she didn't have the energy nor the time to redo it.

The long waves cascaded down over her shoulders, back, and chest, and she made her way to the dining hall to join everyone with breakfast.

"Good morning, everyone," Victoria sang out, brushing some wrinkles out of the top of her dress. She whisked over to her seat and allowed a maid to pull her chair out before seating herself and fluffing out her skirts. "How is everyone today?"


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He felt her melodic otherworldly call, it came like a shiver along his spine. He walked briskly to the study and subtly walked into the study to find his mistress in a dress addressing a man trying to court Katherine. "What a disrespectful man. He is dangerously close to breaking some rules in my opinion." he subtly thought as he watched Victoria tell him off and then ask for his departure.

He chuckled lightly. Then reached for his gun when the man tried to attack his mistress. But she took care of him swiftly and dealt with him easily. "Masterfully done my Mistress. You once more iterated why you are the Overseer to the guards, even your most humble bodyguard." He said, giving a small grin as he followed Victoria to the dining area. He followed her like a smug, happy little dog. But this dog is easily angered whenever she is in danger.

He'd do anything for his mistress. Even jump hurdles for her. But he wouldn't open his heart to her, not unless she asked how much his devotion to her meant. He'd follow her to the end of eternity, come hell or high water. He looked at the other guards present and gave a nod of good morning to them all.

However, he eyed the bluenette with some suspicion. He always wondered what went on in her head. But it wasn't the time or place for it. Victoria was his main priority. He'd follow his orders to the letter. He then noticed the Prince walking in with his dog. He heaved a sigh. Good, most of the royal family was present and accounted for. He simply stood behind his mistress like a shadow. He would remain immobile unless ordered to move, or if an emergency came up.


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"Primula, have you made your decision yet?"

"I don't really think that that's any of your business, djävulen."

"Of course it is. You're my daughter, after all. All I want is what's best for you."

Snorting in disbelief, Primula turned to face the glowing mirror, pausing in dressing herself in her daily uniform.

"You and I both know that that's a lie, djävulen. You're nothing but another demon to me - and I don't claim my heritage in any way, shape, or form. I'm nothing like you, and I never will be. You only want me for my powers," she stated bluntly, her intense red eyes narrowing. "Why do you appear to me, anyway? I don't believe for a single second that it was to check in on me, so state your business and go."

The demon in the mirror chuckled, his matching red eyes full of the mischief that only a devil could hold inside himself. He turned slightly, the curling black horns that emerged from his head gleaming in the firelight behind him.

"You know precisely why I've appeared to you, älskade dotter. You've wasted enough time on these frivolous endeavors that you claim to be 'duties'. It's high time that you return home and take your place beneath me on the thrones," the demon bellowed, the mirror shaking slightly.

Primula, however, looked far from impressed by his theatrics, simply lifting her brush to glide it gently through her pretty pink locks.

"You aren't frightening to me, far, and I have my rights as a demon to do whatever I please. You're theatrics aren't going to convince me to return to the underworld, and you have no authority over me. You haven't for the last three hundred years, and you aren't about to gain any now," she said simply, fixating a dull look on the demon in the mirror.

Said demon let out a strangled sound of frustration, once more shaking the mirror.

"One way or another, you're going to return to the underworld. I may not be able to force you to, but I will find a way to bring you back," he snarled. With a large burst of flames, the mirror returned to normal, leaving Primula to stare at herself. Rolling her eyes slightly, she turned away and donned her black stockings and red short boots, snagged the small black, worn leather book that sat on her desk, held closed by a dark, pink ribbon, and placed her ever-present broadsword at her hip, sheathed and shrunken with a sprinkle of a mix of crushed herbs combined with a whispered spell. With a flip of her skirt and a flash of golden light, she slipped underneath the doorway, appearing on the other side in the form of a glowing golden-hued phoenix. Once in the hallway, she flipped in the air, easily reappearing in her human form.

Tilting her head back, Primula sniffed the air slightly. In an instant she caught the whiff of the man that she had sworn her life to. He wasn't far, by any means - the rooms belonging to those that were assigned solely to protect the royal offspring of Victoria and James Vidali were placed as closely to the princes and princesses as possible without making it so that they were constantly walking over one another.

The scent of the beautiful canine that was constantly at the man's side, at least for the past year, flitted into her nostrils, leaving her with a small smile on her lips. Running her fingers across them, she quickly smoothed it away and returned to her normal, placid expression. The dog was definitely a beautiful and loyal creature, and they had been worshiped as the purest form of a companion by the demon race since the dawn of time - hence the myths revolving around hell-hounds. Well, they weren't really myths, seeing as hell-hounds have existed just as long as dogs have been worshiped for.

Tucking the book into her waistband, Rimu took off down the hallway, taking the turns swiftly and yet not running in the slightest.

It didn't take her long to reach the dining hall, and she was instantly greeted with the delicious smells that belonged to the royal kitchen. Pausing outside the doorway to inhale deeply, Rimu practically sighed with the pleasure of the scents. Before her presence could be sensed by the inhabitants of the hall, she slid inside with only soft sound of the air to announce her presence.

In an instant she was behind and to the side of Dante's chair, leaning forward only enough so that her head was beside his, a few inches separating their hair from touching.

"Good morning, Master Dante," she said softly, her voice gentle and tinged slightly with an accent that seemed Swedish. "I trust that you slept well?"


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#, as written by CutUp
Make It Rain
'My soul huh? Aw I'm touched. And here I thought your only interest was in my body." Aidan smirked at Katherine calling herself a demon. He glanced around, and saw some of the strange looks they were getting from the servants around them, and the looks Katherine was giving the staff. He gave them an apologetic look. "Though I wouldn't call ya a demon. You don't nearly have the superior sense of humor of Prim-de-la-Prim. She appreciates my jokes!" He chuckled. "Though I suppose you aren't that bad, for a half-pint." He teased with a beaming smile.

Once inside the dining hall Katherine began to make herself more comfortable. At her attempts to push him away, as usual. Not that he ever let's her of course. He let out a loud, and exaggerated sigh followed by an equally exaggerated eye roll. "Hmmm.....And leave you without my winning personality, and wonderful smile? Perish the thought your highness! Or should it be......kek......your shortness?!" He followed with a small bit of laughter that ended with a snort. He cleared his throat, and regained his composure. "Admit it, you'd be bored without me. I make your day." He said, and then he playfully ruffled her hair.

Aidan quickly turned into fog before she could do any sort of retaliation, and slinked lowly on the ground across the room. He reformed into a solid mass next to a empty chair near the head of the table. He pulled it out, and motioned for her to seat down. He turned around to face the other royals, and their bodyguards. "Mornin'!" He greeted casually. "So I take it the suitor left huh? How long did this one stay? I had two hours in the pool. How long did you have Dracy?" As he mentioned the pool there were a few servants and guards that visibly grew nervous.

"I guess you could say he wasn't....SUITed for her!" He chuckled slightly. "Sorry, I would've done something, but you how stubborn Kathy here gets. And how antisocial she is." He said as he pointed back at Katherine with his thumb. He then looked between all the royals and their bodyguards. "Well, I'm thinking I'm talking to the wrong crowd about about being social." He chuckled. "Ah well, I'll get those sticks out cha butts some day. In the mean time I'll just have to chip away at you all one amazing joke at a time." He smirked.

"So Dantay, your a dog man right?" He asked with a smile creeping up. "Is every dog you own technically a bloodhound?" He followed with a chuckle that ended in a snort.


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"Oh? Is that you offering your body to me?" Her smirk grew, it was simple teasing of course but if anyone heard her say such things she'd surely receive some odd looks of her own. When he commented on how small she is again, she chose to simply ignore him. Though when he mad yet another joke she was tempted to throw a punch or kick his way, but decided against it as to avoid causing a scene. "I'm bored with or without you." She responded without missing a beat, she could never admit to him bringing some small sliver of happiness each day.

"Aidan, I'm perfectly capable of grabbing a chair." She called out once he disappeared and pulled out a chair for her. The princess rolled her eyes as she made her way over to where he stood, sighing before sitting down. "Thank you." Her gratitude was drowned out though by the sound of him saying there was a pool for how long this suitor would stick around for.

"Who else was in on this?!" Of course she had a habit of running away from the suitors brought her but she never anticipated there being any bets placed, much less that someone like Cain could be a part of this. The youngest princess wondered how everyone would react to Aidan addressing others so informally but chose not to say anything unless someone reacted in a negative manner, in which case shed defend her friend.

"In any case, how is everyone doing this fine morning?" Katherine smile but it never matched her gaze, the princess just hoped no one commented on how synthetic her smile truly is.


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#, as written by Attoria

*Covering her mouth with the palm of her hand while a small chuckle left her lips hearing Aidan antics and smart ass remarks. In front of the royals no less. She felt very out of place in the large dinning hall with everyone around her. The only reason she even got into working for this family was because of her bloodline and the help they gave. Putting her arms behind her she gained her formal composure, stiffing her back. She was new at this formal thing. She normally worked small hits and assassinations. By herself. Looking around the room with her auburn hues she noticed the family members. All of them were beautiful. It was eye catching in the least. Looking down at her watch at the time she inhaled slowly, rubbing the back of her neck. Glancing over at Victoria she slowly snuck out of the room, closing the door behind her quietly. She always hated being in a room full of people. Always made her feel stuck and claustrophobic. Pressing her back up against the door she rubbed the back of her neck, sighing heavily before mumbling to herself. *

"Guns are so much easier then people.."


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Cain's eyebrow could only twitch as Mr. Roth spoke. Especially about the gambling pool most of the other guards usually participate in. He heaved a huge sigh as the Dhampir rubbed his nose as Katherine demanded how long it went on. "Ever since Suitor Number 5 the guards were interested in a gambling pool with how many would come and get thrown out."

He couldn't look at his Mistress dead in the face. "And I always politely decline in betting but if you must now, my mistress threw the bugger out in less than 2 minutes and 58 seconds. I also suggest not being so vocal about the Gambling habits you share with some of our guardsmen at the dinner table where my mistress can hear you and is probably planning her scolding as we speak." Cain firmly explained, a part of him actually expecting bloody discipline. However the Eldest didn't seem phased by the gambling and thanked Victoria for her duty of throwing the suitor out.

Cain simply returned to his stoic form, watching the blue haired assassin leave. He still was sure that breakfast wouldn't be interrupted. However, the fourth Vidal wasn't present, so he was wondering what in the devil was the youngest Prince up to.


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"Good manners are just away of showing people that you have respect for them."

Throughout all of the scuffle with the outbreak of the secret that was the gambling pool placed on Katherine's love-life, Victoria merely sat back and watched quietly, occasionally returning her fork to her plate to cut a sausage in half, before returning it thoughtfully to her rosy lips.

"Ever since Suitor Number 5 the guards were interested in a gambling pool with how many would come and get thrown out. And I always politely decline in betting but if you must now, my mistress threw the bugger out in less than 2 minutes and 58 seconds. I also suggest not being so vocal about the Gambling habits you share with some of our guardsmen at the dinner table where my mistress can hear you and is probably planning her scolding as we speak."

The Mistress, in question, simply remained stoic in expression, observing the situation.

She would be lying if she said that she hadn't known about the gambling pool, and while it was mostly centered around Katherine's inability to get along with or even show up to the greeting with the men, a good portion - she would estimate about ninety-nine percent - of the time, Victoria herself was involved. It was part of her duties as one of her younger siblings' guardians.

She would also be lying if she denied having involved herself in the betting process.

After Luca whisked in, theatrics and all following him, she endured his flamboyancy for the duration of his little 'show' before finally returning her fork to the table. Lifting her nap to her lips, she cleared her throat slightly but just loud enough for it to be heard in the room. The guards stationed along the walls fell silent and turned their attention to her, their stances weary, obviously having anticipated her interruption to place a harsh fist upon them with punishment.

A few seconds of tenseness ticked by, during which time the guards slowly began to squirm with anxiety. Finally, Victoria slid her chair back slightly and rose, setting her napkin beside her plate. When she reached into the small red purse that sat in her seat, she removed a small white ticket with a number written on it. Slapping it down on the table, her expression hidden in the shadows, she announced with a clear voice.

"I bet three minutes and one second. I win."

Lifting her head, she had a cocky, beaming smile on her face, her aqua eyes sparkling with the mischief of someone who loved the people that she was surrounded by.

At the loud groans and sighs of relief that drifted from the guards along the wall, she giggled and slightly covered her lips with her finger tips, feigning innocence.

"Why, my dearest apologies my good soldiers. I didn't realize that I was be able to get so close to my own guess," she grinned. After laughing once more and slowly settling to a sigh, Victoria turned her glittering gaze to her sister's.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. It was a lot of fun betting on how quickly I'd be able to throw him out this time. If we can't laugh at ourselves, what can we do?" she asked.

"The flower that follows the sun does so even on rainy days."

The events that followed her entrance and arrival at her Lords side were neither entertaining nor amusing. Instead, Rimu allowed her striking gaze to study the interior of the room, looking for anything out of place in the impressive dining hall. When she found nothing to be amiss, she darted her eyes over to a slight movement nearby, just barely catching a glimpse of blue disappearing through a door way. Knowing it was Raven, and although she did trust the girl to an extent, she turned slightly and took a step after her, her intent to follow the woman. It was Dante's voice that had her pausing and looking slightly over her shoulder back at him.

"Good morning Katherine. I hear that another of uncle's men left disappointed. I will speak with him this evening and try and convince him to cease his attempts. We all know that the Vidali name must continue but I do not understand his rush. You will meet someone one day whom you will choose to share your life with but until then he will have to learn patience."

So does that mean that some day ... You'll find someone you will want to share your life with, too, Dante?

Blinking at the thought, Primula felt her cheeks warm with a slight blush, and she attempted to force it away. Curling her fingers in and out repeatedly at her side, a nervous tick she had, she joined Dante back at his side.

Why had she thought such a thing? And what was the odd stirring she felt in the pit of her stomach - one that wasn't quite fear, but she also couldn't place a name to?

Flicking her eyes down to Dante and then back to the wall straight ahead, she attempted to slow the rapidness with which she was curling her fingers.

"Thank you Victoria for dealing with things this morning, though you know that you could have had my assistance if you had needed it."

Primula looked over at the poised young woman in question, welcoming the distraction from her thoughts. Thank the Gods that Dante could only sense emotions and not read another's thoughts.

She felt a slight smirk twitch at the corners of her lips when Victoria finally responded. The sounds of relief that echoed behind her nearly broke her resolve of a stoic demeanor, but she held steadfast, instead groaning slightly at her loss. It was a pretty penny that she had bet, and she had just barely been beaten by the eldest daughter with her own guess of three minute and eight seconds.

There went her book store budget of the week.

Glancing over at the immense and ancient grandfather cock that sat in one corner, Primula once more bent at the hips to rest her head at a hover a few inches above Dante's shoulder.

"My lord, I hate to be a bother, but due to your late awakening, you're a bit rushed for time this morning. We need to leave the dining hall in five minutes in order to make it on time to your meetings, so I would recommend finishing her breakfast and readying yourself for departure," she murmured softly, her voice soothing to the ear, as was common for demons.


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A heavy sigh escaped the young vampire's lips. "Good morning Dante, Luca." Last thing she wanted was for her siblings to treat as a child when she was just as powerful as him. "Don't worry about it Dante, I'll speak to our Uncle. He wants to establish himself and remain in our favor. Though I don't know why he insists on sending suitors when I won't be marrying anyone." She spoke as if she were bored and really she was.

"I apologize for making you deal with that this morning Victoria, I assumed he would've just gotten the hint and left but I guess he was as persistent as our uncle. In any case, I'll just punish Aidan for his gambling later." She teased, a smirk replacing the synthetic smile she had.

"Victoria, perhaps your right, what else can we do if we can't laugh at ourselves? Oh that's right have our annual old-fashioned ball for our lovely friends and distant relatives. Uncle is planning to visit here and insists we have our annual ball early. He believes it's a chance for us to gain favor with our fellow vampires and other supernatural beings." She droned on, recalling the letter their uncle sent just two days ago, informing her of his plans for another suitor to come meet her. It more than likely was a bombshell for her siblings but the young princess thought it was now her turn to have some fun and surprise them with some news.

"Our uncle shall be here by tomorrow, I assume we can pull together our party by tomorrow night."


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#, as written by CutUp
Make It Rain
A idan smiled slightly as he watched the assassin, Raven, laugh at his jokes. At least someone appreciated good humor. He watched her carefully, seeing how uncomfortable she was. It was something that he saw lot growing up around orphans. Though his attention was quickly taken away by Luca's ever flamboyant entrance. "Yeah, sorry Lucy, I don't put money on your love life, not nearly as much fun without the inevitable temper tantrum." He snickered as he pointed his thumb towards Katherine. As Luca went on about what he's looking for, someone as 'perfect' as him, Aidan couldn't help but roll his eye. "Well, I suppose humility is a overrated virtue." Aidan smirked with a slightly smug look on his face.

Having been Katherine's guard for little over two years now, Aidan still isn't quite sure what to make of Luca, though if there's one thing he can say about him, it's that he at least keeps things interesting. Even if those predatory grins of his gives him the creeps. "Yes, having beautiful people fawn over you must be such a pain. However do you deal with it?" Aidan asked in a sarcastic tone. "Guess some of us are lucky enough not to have that burden." He added with a somewhat snippy tone. Aidan would be lying if he said that when someone well off complained about their difficulties, even if it was jokingly, didn't bother him a little bit.

As Luca continued on about why they held the bets Aidan couldn't help but look extremely disinterested. "For the record I only made the bets for shits and giggles." There was a slight gasp from a servant due to his language in front of the royal family, not that he paid any mind to it. He's used to the looks he gets for his lax behavior when around his betters. But he's just being who he is, and he sees nothing wrong with that, keeps everybody on the level. "And the occasional pompous ass-hat that I get to throw out personally."

With Victoria mentioning that she had won the bet, and that she had thrown out the suitor herself Aidan glared at her. "I call shenanigans! You cheated! That just takes the sport out of it!" He pouted slightly as he crossed his arms. "Fine. I didn't want to win anyways." He muttered, along with a series of inaudible curses under his breath.

Aidan chuckled slightly at Katherine's promise to punish him. "Geez Kat, give a guy that much attention and people might get the wrong idea." He teased with a beaming smile. When she brought up the formal event Aidan let out a sigh. "Well I guess I'll have to break out the formal eye-patch." He smirked, following it with a hearty laugh that ended in a snort. Though he might joke about it but Aidan hates these formal gatherings. Mostly due to him having to wear formal wear. Even if he looks great in a suit, it's just not his style.

"So another suitor is coming? Oh that's clever! With him being there to make sure you give the guy the time of day.....er night. Whatever." He said as he rubbed an imaginary beard on his face. He looked over at Katherine with a sympathetic smile. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and leaned down closer to her. "No worries, I'm ready to play the knight in shining armor that rescues the damsel if you need it." He whisper in her ear. Though whispering is rather pointless, given how most of them have enhanced hearing. But he still wanted to make sure she knew he had her back.