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Tokyo, Japan

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[color=purple:10low91g]"Why, my dear Addy, I had no idea that you wished to humble yourself before me!"[/color:10low91g] Luca said, hand coming up to cover his mouth in mock shock, eyes widening almost playfully. His tone was sickly sweet, but there was an underlying warning to it. [color=purple:10low91g]"Thank you for your appreciation! And you misunderstand. It is not that I reject their love to send them away - on the contrary, their love is very much appreciated. It is just that having them around me would be simply too pitiful for them. For look!"[/color:10low91g] He gestured at himself with a broad sweep of his hand, sunlight glinting off his white smile and sparkling down his body - no wait, those were literally illusions that Luca was making. Felix just scowled and hunched over as if he were bracing himself for what was to come. [color=purple:10low91g] "This glorious body, this beautiful face! For them to stand beside me, pretty as they are, would be like placing a dandelion beside a fully bloomed rose - it would overshadow their beauty!"[/color:10low91g] Luca shook his head, crossing his arms in displeasement. [color=purple:10low91g]"To subject them to such comparisons would be utter folly, Adrian. I thought you knew that?"[/color:10low91g] he asked condescendingly, shaking his head and sighing as if he pitied Adrian for his lack of intelligence. [color=purple:10low91g]"Forcing women to endure such overshadowing of their beauty would be a terrible thing to do!"[/color:10low91g] (That is not to say that Adrian was not an intelligent man. However, to Luca's mind everybody except him and a few other individuals were on the bottom step of intelligence with him lounging at the top step. Adrian was not one of those people sitting at the top and was therefore relegated to second step which meant that Adrian was less intelligent than him and therefore his opinions were pretty much second graded, like slightly spoiled grape juice - still drinkable, but still not quite good. Also, Luca found messing with Adrian kind of fun.) [color=purple:10low91g]"Furthermore!"[/color:10low91g] There was a loud bang as the chair got tossed away in Luca's sudden stand, fist raised passionately in the air as he continued to rant. [color=purple:10low91g]"They come to us, to me, seeking for love and prestige that they do not have. Prestige I can give, though they might not be deemed suitable, but love? Alas,"[/color:10low91g] Luca said, shaking his head in sorrow. [color=purple:10low91g]"I can only give them [i:10low91g]Phillia[/i:10low91g]. Agape and Ludus I can also give, even Storge, but never the Eros they seek."[/color:10low91g] [color=orange:10low91g]"That's because your philautia overwhelms everything else,"[/color:10low91g] Felix muttered to himself, soft enough that only those who were straining their ears - even for vampires - could hear. He grinned at Adrian, snickering at his call of shenanigans and nudging companionably him in the shoulder. [color=orange:10low91g]"Don't worry, you'll get it next time."[/color:10low91g] [color=purple:10low91g] "And it is for that reason - along with many other reasons, Addy - that I reject their advances," [/color:10low91g]Luca continued dramatically, ignoring Felix's interruption (and that quite probably everyone was ignoring his prolonged rant). [color=purple:10low91g]"Even if in the process they turn into screeching harpies or second-rate seductresses. Women can be surprisingly bitchy when they don't get what they want sometimes, haha!"[/color:10low91g] [color=orange:10low91g]"Not all of them." [/color:10low91g]Felix apparently felt the need to interject, frowning up at Luca. [color=orange:10low91g]"There were some who were douches from the getgo, yeah, but more than a few lost their temper because of your showy methods."[/color:10low91g] Felix also didn't add that there [i:10low91g]were[/i:10low91g] bets going around about Luca's engagements too - about the length of time Luca would take to infuriate each lady and how, or whether they would leave smiling and determined to do what they wanted in life. It was a pretty even ratio, surprisingly, but no point in adding fuel to the fire... but Felix felt a bit guilty showing only the dark side of his boss. [color=orange:10low91g]"Then again, you helped quite a few find their way too, so I guess its not all that bad."[/color:10low91g] [color=purple:10low91g]"See, Felix understands!"[/color:10low91g] Luca exclaimed triumphantly, raising a fist in victory. Then Katherine dropped news of a party and the conversation quickly took on another new track. [color=purple:10low91g] "A party! GLORIOUS, MY DEAR SIBLINGS!" [/color:10low91g]Luca cheered gleefully, reaching forwards to give a quick hug to Katherine. He ignored the fact that it also meant another new suitor for both of them - a party was a party, after all! Even if they only had two days to make it as extravagant as possible. Luca was already putting together decoration plans in his mind. [color=purple:10low91g]"We must prepare with haste! Don't worry about the music, Felix can take care of it."[/color:10low91g] The Sound Dragon in question sighed but nodded in agreement - it would be faster if he did it, and that way Luca couldn't try and change it to idiotic pop songs like he did the last party they had hosted. That had been... surprisingly fun but also a pain to deal with afterwards, especially with all the stares they had gotten for the elvis costumes. [color=purple:10low91g]"And do not worry, Katherine, I shall plan us escape routes to avoid suitors if you wish for it![/color:10low91g]" He grinned and grabbed Katherine and Adrian in a two armed hug, pulling them close to him before letting go. His cheer was practically infectious, giving light to the room.[color=purple:10low91g] "So, how should we prepare, dear family?"[/color:10low91g]