AzerothJace Marx

Black hair, black and blue robes, and an arsenal of frost spells....not the guy to mess with.

a character in “World of Warcraft - The Restless Youth”, as played by Nemmy826

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Name: Jace Marx
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: Always has his black hair with one neon blue highlight, his navy blue eyes always observing his surroundings, and traverses the world with his black, blue, and white cloak.
Faction: Alliance
Class: Mage


Jace is sort of a laid-back mage who specializes in frost magic. Reasons behind this is that he likes to have his opponents suffer and also frost abilities slow down his opponents. He recently has become fond of freezing his victims in unique poses, similar to ice sculptures/statues. His hometown is in Goldshire, so he often times gets the most news from Northshire, Stormwind, and Westcliff.


Frostweave Robes, Dark Arcane Wand, Sorcerer's Staff, Linen Gloves, Linen Bracers, Linen Boots



So begins...

Jace Marx's Story