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World Tree

World Tree

A Problemsleuthian Interactive Webcomic-styled RP. Expect weird puzzle crap and incredible silliness.

520 readers have visited this universe since Abraxas_Axis created it.
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inspired by andrew hussie's problem sleuth, jailbreak and, to a lesser extent, homestuck.
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Welcome to the World Tree! This RP is off of the various MS Paint Adventures webcomics, most prominently Jailbreak and Problem Sleuth and, to a lesser extent, Homestuck.
In the World Tree, there is no regular RPing. Since this is styled after an interactive webcomic, that means people will just make the characters themselves (with their own usernames) and suggest in-game what the character should do. There will be some weird puzzle crap, as well as weird character sheets, zany character actions, and a very odd setting. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
This is all up to you. Good luck.

~ Abraxas_Axis


In this RP, you will NOT be playing made up people. Instead, to join, just put in your username and just whatever in the bottom text.
You will NOT be acting stuff out. This is styled after an interactive webcomic, meaning people will give ideas for what they want the character(s) to do in the RP. If I see any RP-styled stuff, I will delete it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Also, please try to refrain from using foul language. Minor ones like hell and damn are ok, but nothing over that. Just because it's based off of MSPA doesn't mean it has to be as vulgar as their webcomics.

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Character Portrait: Heroic Protagonist (HP) The main protagonist of World Tree. Use this for reference.
Character Portrait: Abraxas_Axis (The GM) The Gamemaster of the World Tree. Their word is law.
Character Portrait: sifsand
sifsand played by sifsand
I am sif
Character Portrait: NeverEndingFlip I am Flipper.

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She asks what kind of weapon?

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