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World Trigger: Genesis

World Trigger: Genesis

An RP based on the World Trigger Universe, but accepting creativeness! (Looking only for people who have a desire to do long term RP, be fairly frequent (not asking for a crazy amount), and stick with the group and make an effort)

1943 readers have visited this universe since LookingAtPerks created it.
Topics: , action, adventure, battles, bit of comedy, creativeness, epicness, fanfic, fighting, friendship, sci fi, triggers, and violence (Add Tags »)

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You can…


In Mikado City, monsters known as Neighbors began appearing through gates and attacking the city. Nothing seemed to be able to defeat them, and many people died or went missing during the invasion. Suddenly, an organization defeated the Neighbors using Neighbor technology called Triggers. The organization, called Border, was then planted in Mikado City with their primary goal to defend the city against Neighbors.

Yes, Border. An Organization meant to protect the public from the dangerous coming from the other world through the gates.

However, here is some truths you may not know.

The truth is those so called "Neighbors" are actually Trion Soldiers, and that Neighbors are really humans that live on the other side of those gates.

That Border before going public long ago had allies with the Neighbors, but no one outside of the very top brass and Tamakoma branch really knows this fact.

And that...there are dangers, new dangers approaching.

Anyways, this RP will be following somewhere between a slightly different and a very different plotline from the canon. This is to allow for more creativity and flexibility. I will also be accepting and approving of Original Triggers that people think up provided they are balanced and reasonable.

Also, here is a list of Border's Management. You should remember these people!

Masamune Kido (Border Headquarters Commander-in-Chief)
Masafumi Shinoda (Border General Manager & Commander of the Self-Defense Unit) (Also a badass when he fights)
Kyōko Sawamura (Border General Manager Counsellor)
Motokichi Kinuta (Headquarters Development Chief)
Eizō Netsuki (Media Countermeasures Chief)
Katsumi Karasawa (Foreign Affairs Operations Manager)
Takumi Rindō (Tamakoma Branch Chief)

Here is a friendly helpful Character Sheet

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Physical Details and Appearance: 


Combatant Style:  Attacker, Shooter/Gunner, Sniper, Attacker-Shooter/Gunner, All Rounder, ect.

Trigger Composition:

Main Hand:

Off Hand:

Original Trigger Details:

Trion Form Appearance: 



General Demeanor:





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Character Portrait: Kali White
Kali White played by Zaria
Character Portrait: Shugo Kurenai
Shugo Kurenai played by Josua
A rare case of one that managed to return to Earth from the Neighborhood.

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Border Defense Agency

[Josua] Border is an agency in Mikado City. It was created for the sake of protecting the city from Neighbor attacks. They fight the Neighbors by the means of something called a Trigger, the technology of Neighbors.

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Rai stood still, with disbelief…someone just touched her hair, and nothing happened.

Well, something did happen, she smiled and seemed to enjoy it, opposite to when he wanted to brush her hair…he got bit.

“You got to be kidding me.” He muttered, and Kali noticed that...yet said nothing.

As much as Kali wanted to focus on what Rai said, it couldn’t be done for introduction hasn’t come to an end…yet. Testing triggers out was not the most entertaining thing, mostly because Kali felt limited by them somehow. Part about simulator seemed more interesting, at least for Tora.

“Well, we could test them out…” She kept one crazy idea to herself, one that surely wouldn’t be normally accepted.


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Shugo laughed when he saw Rai's reaction. It seemed like this was not something that he could've done to Kali in normal occasions.

"I see that you two have a... Unique relationship. Though I suppose I'll just leave it at that." he said to Rai while continuing to ruffle Kali's hair for a little while.

After he finally stopped ruffling Kali's hair, he chuckled slightly. He was quite amused by these two.

It was already time for the next part of the introduction. This part is where C-Ranks would be allowed to use different Triggers to fight simulated actual Neighbors, which is what the public and the C-Ranks call the average Trion Soldiers. In truth, real Neighbors are humanoid, but this is not known outside the expedition squads or the mid-upper ranks of B-Rank. Of course, Shugo already knew about this, since technically, he could be counted as a Neighbor, but not really, since he's a bona fide Human from Earth, though his upbringing in the Neighborhood might cause some people to think otherwise.

As Arashiyama explained the details, Shugo saw Tora visibly getting excited. After he was done explaining, Tora finally said it himself. He's really looking forward for this. Shugo can't help but chuckle once more, amused at the sight of the little shrimp getting excited for something like this. For some, it might be odd to think like that, but then again, Shugo's values are a mix of Earth's and what's basically the Neighborhood's. He then decided that it might be better to give himself more credit to these rookies, since they might think his opponents during his occasional Rank Wars matches were just weak. He then approached Arashiyama.

"Jun, I'm gonna intrude in for a little while. Set up several Neighbors for me, preferably a healthy mix of Bamsters and Marmods." he said to him, activating his Trigger.

"Sure, but why?" Jun asked him.

"Just to show these two that I'm the real deal, not a fluke." he replied, pointing towards Kali and Tora, though indiscreetly, as to avoid any more attention towards those two.

"Okay then. Suwa, I'll leave that to you." he then radioed Suwa, who was handling the simulation with Tsutsumi beside him.

"Got it, Jun. A blend of Bamsters and Marmods, coming right up!" he said as he activated the field, prompting the summoning of the said simulated Trion Soldiers to the field.

"Okay... Now... Shall we?" he said as he slowly walked towards the bunch of Trion Soldiers.

He slowly pulled out Kogetsu with his right hand, while materializing his Raygust with his left hand. He walked slowly, as the bunch started to move towards him. The first to arrive was a Marmod. It's quite known for its speed, armor and attack capabilities. Suited for combat, these things would typically shred your average C-Rank and in some cases, even a B-Rank if they're not careful. However, it only lasted for one second before he sliced through with his Kogetsu. The second Marmod that came behind the first one tried to caught him by surprise, but to no avail, as he used his Raygust to guard against the attack, slashing one of the appendages that was halted by his Raygust with his Kogetsu, and subsequently used the optional Trigger for Raygust, Thrust, to slice through the thick armor of the second Marmod.

The remainders were three Bamsters. He then dematerialized Kogetsu and brought out his Desert Eagle-modeled Asteroid Gunner Trigger. He then shot two of the Bamsters with the gun, hitting the weak point (being the eye), and immediately slashed through with his Raygust that was yet to be dematerialized. He then jumped back and dematerialized both weapons, bringing out his AWM-modeled Egret, and shot the final one with more precision than when he was using his Handgun. With the final Bamster down, he finished the overall "training". The C-Ranks outside the field were mumbling, probably out of astonishment of what he just did. While time wasn't much of a factor, still, it was quite impressive. He finished all of this within one minute, mostly due to him taking his time, not really getting into the fight too much.

"As expected of Shugo. I suppose the rumors were true then." Jun greeted him.

"Well, I'm still nowhere as good as Reiji in Sniping, nor Kyosuke in being a Gunner or Attacker. But, I guess I'm getting closer." Shugo replied, deactivating his Trigger.

"Still, that's not something that one can sneeze at though." Jun said.

"Then again, I'm technically already a B-Rank, so this is a special case, really." Shugo once again replied.

"As you can see, if you can use multiple Triggers well, you will be able to fight effectively. Remember, this is a special case, since the one demonstrating today is already a B-Rank, do not think that it will be that easy!" Kitora said, who was beside Jun. She was fuming, since he got to show off a little.

Shugo, upon seeing Kitora's face, he chuckled a little. She's quite feisty, like Luvion from his time in the Military Academy. He then patted her on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'll ask Kyosuke to come here when he can." he said, smirking as he left Kitora with a red face on her.

He then walked towards the two rookies that were the targets that needed convincing of his legitimacy in combat and words.

"I told you, I'm the real deal, right?" he said to both of them.


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“Yawn, more like the showing off type…” Kali replied, then grinned, back to her usual self she was. Thing that bothered her was how Shugo wanted to show off in front of them, as if he wanted them to recognize his strength…which was boring from her perspective.

From what she observed and gathered about Bamsters, C- rank would mostly likely lose, possibly some of the B- ranks would fail if not careful, Kogetsu in Shugo’s hands is surely a deadly weapon, but he may have a certain flaw that could be used against him.

“It’s just my hunch, but you’re quite sure of yourself, bit too overconfident most of the time, right?” She asked, and went back to considering other options.

Marmod seemed to have been designed for fighting, real issue for C- rank, B – rank may have a lot of trouble as well, but she couldn’t know for sure. She could think about it for longer, but she still had to know an answer from the Fishy.


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Shugo sighed, his plans backfired against him. He had hoped that this would've at least gave him some credit, but instead, they thought that he was just showing off. But then again, it could be seen as doing something like that. He wouldn't blame her for that. It was a miscalculation on his end of part.

"I told you this was a bad idea." Cyone said via internal comms.

"Well, I didn't expect it would backfire this spectacularly. Guess curiosity killed the cat." he replied internally.

Turning to Kali, who was trying to guess him again, he simply smirked. She was only slightly getting closer, but not close enough to guess his real character.

"Perhaps. Take it as you will." he said to her.

It was pointless trying to say that he wasn't showing off, because he would typically get the answer that it's the opposite. Even when he wasn't serious, he made it look like it was easy & seemingly showing off, though the latter's not the case.

"It might look like it was easy, but it wasn't if you're like the average joe." he said to her as he started to get a little more serious.

"If you can't cut through a Bamster's armor, then you can forget about beating a Marmod. It's more thicker than a Bamster, and unless you some sort of a hidden trump car, you will die, if this was a real combat situation. And yes, Marmods are a combat-specialized Neighbor." he continued, with the smile on his face slowly disappearing, before being replaced with a dead-fish eye look on it.

"I know that you're stronger than what I've seen during the previous mock battles, but since there's something that's preventing you from fighting at full capacity, you're at risk of either getting killed or captured." he said before Jin interrupted him, smacking his head.

"Sorry about this guy. He gets too serious sometimes. I know that he's like this, but he means well." Jin said after he smacked Shugo's head.

Just as he was about to say something, Kako came jumping in from behind him, locking her arms between his torso.

"Kurenai, can't you change your mind? Just join my squad..." she said to him, giving him chills up his spine.

"NOPE." he replied to her, slipping through her grasps and immediately ran away from her.

"You're not getting away this time, Kurenai-chan~." she said as she started to chase after him. Futaba was also alongside her.

"And there he goes... He'll be back soon though." Jin said after seeing the comic.

And Jin was right. After a few minutes, he came back, finally losing Kako inside the base. He was gasping for air, after running around just to get her off his back.

"I forgot that woman was here..." he said, visibly terrified of her.

This happened for quite a while after he joined Border. Because of his combat proficiency, many A-Rank squads wanted him on their team. Although some backed down since he refused, only Kako and several other squads that were persistent to keep asking him to join their team. Hence, he never really stayed in HQ for too long, aside from being lazy to participate in the Rank Wars. Other than Jin and Amo, who were both Black Trigger users, making them S-Rank and almost effectively solo agents, he was one of the only few agents that were not in a team, but strong enough to act for one.


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0.00 INK

Kali laughed.

“Oh, you thought I was serious? Now I know you weren’t serious for sure, but I still wonder why you….” She started, but then noticed him running away. Jin commented it was normal, but for her it is still annoying.

“Annoying, frustrating even…” She muttered, and sighed.

What Fishy said was interesting, his knowledge about the Trion soldiers, but to hear more about it she’ll have to wait as it seems.

Kali looked at Tora, wondering what will he do now.

“So, will you try out this simulation?”

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