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Wrong Body

Wrong Body

2049: After a horrible accident, a group of male bachelors find themselves in female cybernetic bodies because of "complications" in the medical center. Now they must decide whether to stay that way or wait for new bodies.

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Topics: accident, accidental sex change, cyborg, japanese cyberpunk, and original (Add Tags »)
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The last thing you remember is burning alive. You were on a road trip with friends, but the your vehicle got struck by a truck and was set aflame. In the incident you blacked out, believe you would die. However when you wake up there is a computer like start up. When you finally can see, your head is resting on a table, but you cant move and you can't feel your body. You cannot talk no matter how hard you try. You see people in lab coats, two women and two men. On looks to be working on a face on a table across from you. Another is on computer near you.

"Let's see if everything is running normal." He says and types something into the computer. Suddenly, you automatically say "all functions normal" without intending to. The doctor who was working on the face picks it up and walks over to you. As he seems to be motioning the backside of the face towards you, you black out again.

The next thing you know is that you wake up in a bed in a hospital room. You can feel your body, but something feels different.

A doctor approaches you and says: "Welcome back to the land of the living. You had a bad accident and were practically burnt to a crisp, however most of your brain was still intact. There were however complications. Your DNA wasn't sufficient to grow a body like your old one, so we gave you a fully cybernetic one. On the papers it says you are male. But I am sorry to say that there was a mixup and you now have a female body instead. Your insurance will only pay for this body and the hospital isn't willing to pay another 100 grand for a new male body when you now have a perfectly functioning body. Instead we will give you 20,000 in compensation and maybe you might be able to get a male organ attached."

You are in one way angered but in another way thankful you hadn't died. But where on from here when you had an accidental sex change?

However one person in the vehicle didn't make it.

There is also another problem: You don't have all your memories. You don't really know who you are anymore, yet you still have learned skills. So you practically have a new identity.

Setting: Tokyo

Residence: As further compensation, you have received a small apartment in the New Tokyo residential district. Your friends have received apartments in the same building. Each apartment is fully furnished and has a large window with a small balcony.

Your body: Your female cyborg body isn't perfect as borders between parts are somewhat visible but aside from that you look pretty much like a real human. Your body can last about 50 years without a recharge but you will be reminded to recharge at 50%, 25%, 10% and 2%. If you fail to recharge on time, you will die. You now have the ability to download knowledge and your body is superhuman in terms of endurance, learning and perception while your maximum strength is comparable to a human who regularly does sports, however it is upgradeable. You require to at least eat supplements and regularly drink fluids so that your body can supply your brain with nutrients. Generally you and your friends still have 70 to 90% of your original brains (practically what could be saved or what is necessary). You can modify your body in various ways such as hair color, eye color, tech and some physical features.

Jobs: You and your friends can get part-time jobs as store clerks or hostesses or full time jobs as things like teachers, teaching assistants, technicians or office workers.

Starting point: Hospital lobby selecting starter clothes and about to get picked up to go to apartments.

Character sheet:

Past name (if known)
Gender (fixed to female for main characters)
Appearance: (please use pic and optionally a description, no actor face claims, preferably illustration [doesn't matter if anime or a more realistic style]
Clothing/Clothing style
Job (if your character has one)
Affinity (such as technology, otaku, nature etc.)
Background (if your character remembers or if the background is known beyond the premise)


No godmoding
At least 100 words per post.
Please don't perpetuate stereotypes by having all male NPCs eye you lustfully.

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Character Portrait: Kali White
Kali White played by Zaria
My name? Just something that fits someone who saw both sides of life, oh and try to avoid cables lying all around...
Character Portrait: Aoi Shigohama "I don't care if I am a new person. I didnt have a family anyways."
Character Portrait: Tatsuda Kiho “This is...Very...Weird. Like a weird drunken trip...”
Character Portrait: Kokoro Kizuri A cyborg woman who lives on the sixth floor and proprietor of club Chrome.

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"The pain part is an option you can turn on and off." Aoi said to Tatsuda. She then turned to Kali and replied: "Well, I intend to make a world that mixes the modern world with magic. It is supposed to become lively and have decent AI to interact with the players. Anyways, there isn't much to do here yet. If you want to explore, you can explore. If not, we can leave this place and come back to it when it is far more playable."

OOC: Sorry about the long pause.

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