Wrongfully Accused!

Wrongfully Accused!

A group of people are wrongfully accused and are put into a high security prison. It is now their job to break out of it.

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GMs: RanyoM and Terrus Ipidomin

A group of people are wrongfully accused and are put into a high security prison. It is now their job to break out of it.

The Goal:
Get out of the prison, using any means at your disposal. Either team up with your fellow prisoners, or go it alone, but somehow, get out and start a new life on the outside. Which means, you can either choose to try and clear your name, or you can create a new identity. What will you do?

  • Balthazar {Head guard}
  • Shouen Steri
  • Zahrah Bukhari


* Claudia Alexandrie
* Slyantar Thomas Copper
* Wyatt Grevence
* Quinn Killy- Ford
* Nicolas Maddigan
* James Correy

NPC's (played by me) that will help:

Character Profile: Fill it out

Side: Guard or prisoner
Name: (full name please, along with any nick names)
Age: Prefered Age is 18 and over, but, depending on the character I might make an exception.
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye Color/style:
Weapons: (before you were accused)
Equipment: (non-weapons)

Toggle Rules

1. Honest to goodness, no god-modding. Either me or the other GM will boot you out of the rp for god-modding if it continues after three strikes.

2. Either me or the other GM will be the ones to throw the serious curves at everyone. If you have a suggestion, post it in the ooc thread.

3. If you are a prisoner, you don't exactly have to try and escape. If you want, (and you must tell me or the other GM) you can try to foil their plans.

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#, as written by Ylanne
Zahrah nodded in response to Balthazar's wave, offering him the briefest of smiles, as she watched the last of the prisoners go. Each of the prisoners assigned to the Most Dangerous section were escorted by at least two guards, shackled at the wrist, before being returned to their solitary cells. These security measures were both preventative and punitive - preventing any unecessary violence or resistance to the prison staff, and punishing the prisoners for their crimes. Prison was not meant to be a comfortable place.

The Assistant Warden turned to go, when a departing prisoner, escorted by two guards, one with his hand on the prisoner's shoulder, caught her eye. The prisoner carried herself with the manner of a middle-aged woman, though she looked almost younger in her features, her dark complexion not yet faded under the harsh, subterranean conditions of the prison. She was dressed in a black Persian chador, draped over whatever clothes she wore underneath - the cloth showing beneath the chador was also dark, black and gray. The prisoner looked up for a moment - meeting Zahrah's eyes - and Zahrah saw herself mirrored in the woman's face. She hardened her lips into a thin, harsh line as she stiffened, staring daggers at the prisoner as she walked through to the hall.

Zahrah watched as the woman was led away, until she rounded a corner, and then, only then, did the Assistant Warden dare to breathe. She had just come face to face with her own mother. Zahrah turned and strode down the hall, in the opposite direction, her gaze lowered somewhat, but her posture erect, as if daring anyone to speak to her as she moved, hands clasped behind her back.

Moving down the other hallway was Manal Sowayan. It was her third day at Hades. Aptly named, the prisoner thought, for this prison was indeed a hellhole. Transferred from another institution, Sowayan had found intake to be a rude awakening - here, the prisoners were treated like shit, and that was that. It was policy. They were worthless, subhuman, here because they had lost all right to be treated as human beings. Nearly all her posessions but the clothes on her back had been seized.

Unlike the last prison, she had no cellmate here, and almost nothing in the cell itself. White walls, white floor, metal sink, concrete slab for a bed. The restraints the guards used were intentionally painful, made to add to the arbitarily punitive measure the Hades staff took against the prisoners. Even after three days, she wondered if it was only spite, and not for any practical reason.

Sowayan had eaten alone both days she had been taken to the mess hall. She did not know any of the prisoners or any of the guards, and she trusted no one. And now that she had seen Zahrah... She did not even know her daughter was here. And from the looks of it - Zahrah did not know Sowayan was here either. Figures. The bureaucracy was a mess - no one communicated, and Sowayan was certain her own file had been misplaced. Little did she know how meticulously Zahrah ordered the prisoners' central files, how Zahrah had seen Sowayan's name on a transfer list a week ago. Only Zahrah too had not expected to see Sowayan - not this close. Not this soon.

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James finally got the nerve to say something to Shouen. " 'Ey Cpt." He said, calling the boy what he called just about every male inmate. "Where'd you get those crazy powers anyway?" He would say, finishing off the rest of his chili, making sure there was none in his mustache. James was lucky but unlucky at the same time. He couldn't be tazed by this man's tazer-powers. Or tazed anyway. He had a fairly sensitive heart condition, vulnerable to being electrocuted. They dare not shock the older man, lest he flop down and his heart stop.

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Day... but Quinn lost count. She couldn't remeber how long she had been in the walls of Haades High Security Prison, but she knew it hadn't been too long. She was waiting for her one phone call, or her visits she can get from a loved one, but not here at Hades. She wasn't allowed any visits except the ones from the cold hearted guards who could care less whether the prisoners were dead in their cells. Being a resident surgeon Quinn knew that almost all of the prisoners weere not living healthy lifestyles, but what do you expect in prison? Most of the people here, guards included, had terribly irregular sleeping patterns. One night they would go to bed at twelve, another it would be five in the morning, then they would get up an hour later; that mixed with eating dissorders and what not, meant that if they all kept that up for a few years or even months they would all have possible heart problems. But Quinn was already having certain heart problems. She couldn't keep her mind off Bri. Everytime she would actually go to sleep she would dream of her bright eyed beauty. At first these dreams were what kept her going, but not they were almost taunting her; remindering her of what she had, and what she lost, what most of the people here lost.

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