WWIII: The Countdown to Extinction

WWIII: The Countdown to Extinction

World War III, the war mankind has fought so hard to prevent, has finally started. Now, it seems as if it's only a matter of time until mankind's ultimate weapons destroy them.

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"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains."

JULY 2024

The War that we tried so hard to avoid, has now become inevitable.

It all started a few months back. Trade relations with Russia grew pretty bad. The economy had grown worse around the world and trade was needed. The United States probably made a critical mistake when they canceled a lot of Russian trades. Russian relations grew pretty bad. Negotiations started, but Russia wasn't too forgiving, and it gained the support of China and other countries. Just last week, we saw the formation of an alliance similar to the Soviet Union of the Cold War ERA, which is now known as the New World Alliance (N.W.A.). Despite all our efforts to stop it, the empire grew in strength and support. We all saw on our televisions the invasions of it's neighboring countries. Some of those countries gladly welcomed the marching soldiers. We all began our defenses when they began talks of war, and when China allied it's nation to the Russians. We saw practically all of Asia, quickly fall to the Chinese armies. The horrors of war. Families getting separated or killed, cities once tall and proud, reduced to smoldering heaps of ash, once beautiful plains of grass now a barren desert of corpses and craters.

We all acted at once to go towards peace. We tried to reason diplomacy with them. All was in vain. Almost all of Asia is under N.W.A. control. Japan has not yet seen invasion, but expects it at any time. Germany is building it's defenses against the biggest army Russia has yet assembled, an army that rivals that of America. France and Britain have assisted Germany in this hard time. This fortifies the defense, but it is still questionable if it will be enough to stop Russia's attacking army. Norway and Finland have fallen. Italy is holding out, but it can't hold out for long. Once it falls, Russia will be able to attack Africa, which has remained neutral.

North America has not been lying low throughout this crisis. It has also been sending reinforcements to Germany to help defend, but it also prepares it's defenses, as artificial intelligence claims that Russia is preparing another army to invade America. South America and Africa, though neutral, have also been building defense without sign of attack. Though looked upon as the third world, and not as advanced in war, their defense seems to have greatly improved.

All this has happened during the week. People around the world prayed for the worst to pass. They got on their hands in tears to pray for the most feared war, to pass. Those prayers were shattered last night. We all saw, that this war would most likely be the end of all wars. The worse had come. It was as if the apocalypse had finally arrived.

Last night, the New World Alliance made their move. The new dictator of Russia who has yet to reveal his name, gave one of the most fearing speeches since that of Hitler's time. He ended by opening a bottle of champagne, and saying quietly, "To a new world."

One hour later, a computer virus unlike anything we have ever dealt with, disabled our nuclear defense systems, and Russia launched a nuclear warhead at San Fransisco. The N.W.A. had finally demonstrated it's new power to the entire world. As we calibrated our damages, 38 minutes later, another nuclear warhead was launched for Berlin. We got lucky. Due to a malfunction, the warhead missed Berlin and hit to the west of the city out in the country. Berlin however is evacuating and is going to receive fallout. Major countries everywhere declared an all out war on the N.W.A. This included all of North America, France, Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, and Italy. In response, another warhead was launched. The target was Venice, Italy. At 9:27, the city was wiped off the map. Barely anyone survived, and those who did are not likely to survive much longer.

Rumors circulated throughout the countries of a possible nuclear attack on the N.W.A. in response to it's three launches, however no move has been made, and those moves are in heavy debate. Nuclear response is preferred to be left out of the picture.

The world prays more than ever now. Everyone abandons homes and hope. They try to find a shelter that will not see the wrath of nuclear war which now casts a shadow over us all. Russia is on Germany's doorstep with a battering ram, and knocking hard. Russia has also began it's invasion of North America through Alaska, and Italy is hanging on by a thread. And for the first time in almost a century, nuclear silos are starting to power up again and go on stand-by.

I'm trying to keep this RP as realistic as possible, in the way of making it as if this War would happen today. So the weaponry is not that advanced (no laser guns or plasma rifles). The bullet still exists. Nuclear Weapons have gotten more powerful however.

The missile defense systems of America and other allied nations are still dealing with the huge virus. They will be down for an unknown amount of time. So nuclear attacks from the N.W.A. are possible!

Shelters have been designed that can withstand Nuclear attacks. But it is not guaranteed every time!

We will be starting the RP in Germany outside Berlin, where Russian armies are attacking he Allied armies.

Appearance: (Clothes may be a little light because you are under military dress)
Branch of Military: (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)
Occupation: (Medic, Engineer, Infantry, etc)

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#, as written by Abiik
Steaven checked his eqiptment one last time before jumping. Everything looked in check, and the green light was on. Taking a deep breath he walked out the door and was greated by the swift chill from of the High Altude. For what seemed like for ever he was in a free fall, then suddenly he opened up his black parishoot. Guiding slowly down to the ground he checked the land scape from this hight, everything looked good tonight.
Before long he was on the ground, MP5 in hand. He survaide the land scape, looking for any freindly or hostile forces that may be in area.


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Lars held the smoking cigarette in his hand. It had been a week since the N.W.A. had dropped the nukes, and about a week and a half since he was dropped off here in this hell-hole. Life at once had seemed really good...then hell broke loose. Nukes fall, war is declared, some jack-ass sits at a control panel ready to obliterate the entire world with the single touch of a button, and Lars was sitting here, doing nothing but smoking, in a trench which resembled those almost used in the previous world wars.
The whole world was going to shit. Italy was about ready to fall, and the N.W.A. was really putting the pressure down on the Allies. Lars flicked away the cigarette. It was then the siren started to sound.

The Russians had come again. Lars didn't stand around. He picked up his rifle and walked to his spot and set up. The Russians had come again with a rather nasty wave this time. They had a battalion of tanks and enough infantry to waltz into Berlin if they were successful. Russia had greater numbers it seemed, but their soldiers were not as skilled in combat as the combined allies. The allies had to take advantage of that, Lars thought to himself.

He took aim and fired a few shots then, got up and looked for a new spot. Such was the life of a sniper.


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#, as written by Saxious
Mark looked at the watch. 13:56 PM. We're late...we're always late. Why am I always so slow to arrive at my destinations? Mark thought as he and his men sat in the truck that was taking them to the outpost that the Russians had been trying to overrun for the past week time. The allied countries' soldiers had managed to hold them off, thankfully, however, each attack had been reported worse than the previous, and they were in need of soldier, skilled soldiers.

Mark wouldn't call himself for 'skilled', he had barely even tried to try out as an elite soldier of the German army, but it didn't matter, he was determined that even though he was just a simple engineer soldier, he would still be able to complete whatever task he was given, he had operated behind Russian lines before, and he had brief skirmishes against them, although he always ordered retreats as he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself.

"alright men, get ready, we're here, and just in time...the Russians are attacking!" the driver called and the doors opened and the men got out and ran towards the front line. They were 50 meters behind friendly lines, in 50 meters they would be in no-man's-land, and that would mean hundreds of Russians, missiles, artillery, tanks, and so many more toys.

"Hans! Get into a position and take out those Russians, Benedict, get into the trenches and take care of those who're wounded, I'll support you! Hans, make sure you conserve ammunition!" Mark ordered as his team moved towards the front line.
As the men came closer to the front lines, it became more and more evident that there was a war, grenade holes, destroyed trees, burned houses and destroyed roads, no wonder that the truck had stopped where it had, it would not have been able to have come any closer to the front lines than it had.

"Kiss the ground!" Benedict called as Russian fire flew towards them, like yellow tennis balls they flew above their heads, striking into trees, walls, and the ground.
Mark took aim from his scope and fired against the infantry, getting most of those he shot after in the chest but he was sure that most of the Russians were wearing bullet proof vests, so the bullets would be stopped.
"Forward!" Mark called, and the men got up and ran down into the trenches, firing after the Russians as they did so. Mark threw a smoke grenade in order to block the Russian's view of what was happening around the trenches.

"Sergeant, two tanks are approaching the Northern side of the trenches, take care of them," Benedict informed Mark who turned and called out, "Tanks in the North! Someone shoot an RPG or something at them! Hurry! Don't let the Russians break through!"

The soldiers responded as they were ordered and then Benedict made his way to the wounded section where he quickly began to stitch together those who were wounded so they could continue to fight and those who weren't able to fight were given pain killers and told to relax as much as he cleaned their wounds.
Mark got to the top of the trenches and fired at the Russians, to his surprise many weren't wearing bullet proof vests, it made his job easier, however, the Russians came in such waves that wasting bullets wasn't an option, every bullet had to bring death, every shot counted, heck, every infantry soldier was like a sniper. One shot. One kill.

A loud explosion was heard, followed by a second one, the tanks were taken care of, and now the smoke began to rise up into the air, giving more cover for the soldiers and their trenches.
"Report Hans," Mark called over the radio. Hans functioned both like a hidden sniper, and a scout, he made sure that Mark and Benedict were both informed about what was happening on the battlefield when they were in situations like these.
"Tanks neutralized. The Russians are being broken in the Right rear. give your support to the left rear, they are still resisting there. Careful, heavy infantry located, I'll get working, over and out."

Hans wasn't much of a chatty person when they were fighting, few soldiers were, for they always had to get something done, and in times such as these Hans was under constant stress, he had to shoot, watch and report, all in once, not easy, but practice makes master.
Hans took a shot, another head shot, the head splattered out to all sides, the brain sprayed like ketchup on the Russian who stood besides the unfortunate Russian, and like any man would have done, the Russian turned and ran, few would still fight when their comrade's head had just exploded from the bullet of an M82A1 sniper.

Mark made his way to the left rear of the trenches whee he participated in the shooting against the Russians. True these Russians were better trained, for they tried to make use of the grenade holes and laid flat on the ground in order to make it hard to be shot, not a bad idea, however the Germans, British and the Americans weren't stupid either, mortars were fired and those who covered in the holes soon disappeared and their limps, blood and gore rained down around the hole where they had been hiding.
the others tried to find new cover however the fire from the allied soldiers didn't allow them and soon they were beaten and fled.

"Well done Hans, stay where you are and watch over the land, Benedict, give me a medical report," Mark ordered and then made his way towards the hospital section f the trenches.
"These men are lucky, the Russians could have brought much worse weapons than simply guns, it doesn't seem like they've made usage of mortars, gas, or any form of heavy artillery against these people-" Benedict reported and then Mark entered the hospital and saw the wounded men and women who were all in duty-"However, those who had tried to venture across the no-man's-land has found themselves stepping on mines or getting entangled in barbed wire that the Russians so keenly hid. They aren't stupid, that much is certain."

Mark nodded and then left the hospital for Benedict to work, Mark made his way out of the trenches and came out to the open space behind the trenches, he needed air. He didn't like trenches but he recognized their advantages and their weaknesses. "This is sergeant Mark Grizzle, I need a report of who is in charge and who commands these people," Mark called over the radio to other soldiers who could receive his message, for if there was no leader then Mark needed to step up and be the leader while there was none.

They wouldn't survive long without a leader or else they would be doomed against the onslaught of the Russians.

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