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The 'furry' girl

a character in “X-Gene 2: And the Gears Turn”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Bethany 'Beth' Simmons
Age: 18
Type: Mutant
Side: MTD
Nickname: Fluffy

Bethany stands at only about 5' 4", with a thin body type. Her eyes are a deep golden honey color, and her hair is a warm brown color, and she keeps it very long, although every once in a while, she cuts it, either super short, or to just below her shouders, and in the second case she also curls it way too much. She was a healthy enough color to her skin, as she spend alot of time outside. She has both ears peirced in at least four places, and wears a variety of earrings, depending upon her mood. She can often be seen wearing light colors, usually a white top with a built in brown skirt, jeans, a pair of cowboy boots, and her signature hat. She is often prone to wearing a fake wolf tail and ears under her hat, as well as a collar on occasion.


Beth is a very bright, happy person who tried to cheer others up. However, if she cannot cheer others up she will usually become depressed herself. When bored she does very odd things, such as pierce odd parts of her body, superglue her fingers together, etc. Over all she is a very nice girl, sometimes niave about things, but filled with good intentions and hope.


Depends on her mood, but she always has a satchel with a drawing pad, colored pencils, a notebook filled with her art, her camera-phone, and anything else she feels like carrying with her, but never any weapons

She has 3 main abilities
1. Shape Shifting: so far she has but one other form Image
2. Speech: she is able to communicate with anything and anyone, but mostly animals. She has the ability to speak any language on earth, even forgotten or dead languages
3. Super Sences: she has hearing greater than a dog, sight better than an eagle, so on and so forth, however at time she has trouble controlling them

Natural abilities include better than average speed, but that's about it. Over all, in her human form she is rather weak


(more revealed in story)

Beth remembers very little of her past. In truth, she is the daughter of Lycan, whom had a secret human lover. When this woman gave birth she kept beth until she was old enough to be given away, and then she was taken by the MTD and raised thinking one of the scientists there was her mother. She has no idea who her father is, and has never heard of Lycan, save for those rare times when Alexis spoke of him.

So begins...

Bethany Simmons's Story