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An outcast mutant

a character in “X-Gene 2: And the Gears Turn”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Nathen Hunter
Age: 26
Type: Half Mutant
Side: His own
Nickname: Hunter

Hunter is about the same as he was before, tall with a strong build, shaggy black hair, dull red eyes. The bar code tattoo he had on the back of his neck has begun to fade away, but hs still has his monsterous left hand, which he keeps wrapped in a very long red bandage that flows out behind him. His clothing style is the same as well. Black jeans and boots, a black leather jacket, a white t-shirt, a single fingerless black glove on his right hand


Hunter still longs for Westlyn, but hasn't spoken to her since the accident. Their connection is still there, but he can no longer reach out to her as he could before, and vice versa. Aside from that he's grown distant and quiet, and takes to drinking more and more often. he has no responsibilities, and yet feels it is not his time to die just yet.


As far as equipment, he carries nothing anymore.

Summoning: he can summon any object that belongs to him from anywhere, within a 100 mile radius anyways
Altering: he now as the ability to alter his swords with his psychic energy, turning them from simple short swords like in the old pic to swords like the one in the pic above.
Power of Will: as he calls it, this is his ability to, for up to a couple of hours, adapt any psychic power he cannot naturally use
Energy Field: he can extend his psychic energy out from his body once his red hand is revealed, and when he does so all mutant abilities are lessened within that area

Over all his abilities have grown much stronger, both mental and physical. He is able to easily wield his swords on his own now, although he often uses his psychic abilities to control them, and he is learning more phychic abilities all the time. also, for reasons unknown, whenever he uses his powers now it grows warmer and a strong breeze begins to blow, as if it might suddenly storm


At one point Hunter was one of the highest ranking members of the MTD, but after running into Romeo margrave, son of his commander, things began to go down hill. He helped in the escape of several captured mutants who were being used as test subjects, let a potential new member of the MTD go, and hid all of it. after that he left without word and became involved with the Newton Mall Massacre unofficailly. When everything came to light, he was fired. With no friends or family outside the MTD, he simply vanished. Able to hide his whereabouts from the MTD and anyone else he began wandering.

So begins...

Nathan Hunter's Story