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New leader of the Mutant Resistance

a character in “X-Gene 2: And the Gears Turn”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Romeo Margrave
Age: 21 (his birthday is early in the year)
Type: Half-Mutant, though as strong as a full mutant now
Side: Mutants, leader of the Mutant Resustance now
Nickname: Ronin, which he goes by all the time

Ronin still stands at just over six feet tall, but his build is alightly larger, and he seems now to be all muscle. He's let his hair grow out and wears it in a ponytail, though the front isn't as long yet, and so it goes wild at time. His skin now as a tan one would expect of somone on the west coast, yet still no scars or marks of any kind thanks to his mutation. his eyes, once warm and brown, are now cold, with a silver ring around the outside of the brown, which glows slightly when his Sixth Sense ability goes into effect. Clothign wise he dresses a bit nicer than before, but only just. he has taken to wearing black jeans, boots, a nice button up shirt, and a dressy jacket, along with a second belt, made espceially to hold his sword at his side. No more gloves, no need for them, and he assumes his fedora was either lost in the battle with Psycho, or that Westlyn still has it


Ronin has grown a bit cold and distant. He doesn't trust or rely on anyone anymore, and the only person he still calls a friend is Dustin, and only beause it seems they have joined the same side now. In a fight he is cold and observent, and if the enemy can't put up a fight he'll walk off and either let them go or let the others have them.

(better demonstrated through rp)


Ronin has taken to carrying a katana made from his own natural metal, but aside from that, nothing

Bio-metal: Ronin is able to create a strange bio-organic metal from his bones, which tears through his skin to be used as weapons. He can either keep them attached to his body and reabsorb them when he is done useing them, or break them off and weild them as normal weapons. He now has the ability to form the bio-metal into a sort of armor, where the metal grows out from his bones and wraps around, back to the wound, where it re-enters, forming a sort of shell. This bio-metal also forms a thin layer over his interlan organs at times to block out the abilities of other mutants, like psychics

Healing Factor: in the past it took some time for Ronin to heal, but after meeting the other mutants, and his battle with Psycho, this ability was boosted. Now his healing abilites are comparable to those of the mutant known as Wolverine, or Logan. While nothing is instant, exactly, everythign heal much faster. Cuts, bruises, gone in seconds, broken bones, minutes, however it still takes time for internal organs to heal properly, say, over night at least, depending upon the extent of the damage

Sixth Sense: most likely do to the overexposure of Psycho's rage shortly before his 'death,' Ronin has developed a sort of sixth sense about things. For instance, he can tell before walking into a room is anything bad will happen. Traps have become nothing to him, as he can easily detect them now, although he sometimes walks into them for the hell of it

Physical Abilities: because of the harsh live he's lived over this time he has become tough as nails and a master with not only his own weapons but several other kinds. He has also gotten quicker, stronger, and faster, and without the use of his powers he can judge an enermy by their first attack


Things began to change for Ronin when his mother was brutally murdered by Psycho. After that he tried to cover it up, but in the short time he spent with those he called friends afterwards, he was cold, and felt utterly alone. When he finally got his revenge, it felt so good, maybe too good. When given the offer by his father to join the MTD as the new head of the SWAT team, he spit in the man's face and walks off. Since then the two have not spoken, and but General Margrave contiues to put money in his son's account as he had before.

After walking away from it all a mutant named Draco found him, wandering in the desert and took him to the cave of the members of the Mutant Resistance. He wasn't welcomed there at first, but the fact that he was the one who took care of Psycho helped smooth things over. soon he was accepted, having proven himself, and now hs is their leader, with Dustin as his second in command and Draco his adviser.

So begins...

Romeo Margrave's Story