Chibi Newton CityRomeo Margrave

"I like sharp things..."

a character in “X-Gene: Chibi Files”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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ImageRomeo Margrave, AKA Ronin
Romeo stands at six feet tall, with an athletic build. His hair is brown and shaggy, often hiding his eyes, which are the same shade of brown. His skin has a healthy color to it, if a bit pale for somone who lives in L.A. Normally he wears sneakers, blue or black jeans, a tank top, and an open over shirt, and a fedora while outside. On occasion he'll put on a pair of black, fingerless gloves. As far as changes when he uses his abilities, he has to carry around a spare set of clothes sometimes


Romeo is the type who can focus on just one thing, and block everything out, like, say a house fire if he's reading. He is very stubborn about things and likes to argue for no reason on occasion. Aside from that, basically the same as always

Likes: sharp objects, throwing sharp objects, eating, cooking, reading, fighting

Dislikes: being disturbed, righting, arguing most of the time


A spare change of clothes, whatever weapons he makes, a box of band-aids


His mother was killed earlier on and it bothers him to talk about it or for others to mention it. He hates his dad and doesn't talk to him, although he gets larges sums of money from him every week or so

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Romeo Margrave's Story