West CoastDustin Carter

Guy who carries Daken's X-Gene

a character in “X-Gene”, as played by KidFurturistic

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Name: Dustin Carter

Age: 19

Type: Full Mutant

Side: Mutants

Nickname: Claws

Abilities: His primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissue much faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of. His healing factor also grants him an extended lifespan by dramatically slowing his natural aging process once he reaches age 30. Dustin's physical stamina and reflexes are also heightened to superhuman levels as a by-product of his accelerated healing factor. He has three retractable claws, two on the top of his knuckles and one on his forearm ( picture below ). They were made of a natural metallic material that allowed him to cut through the strongest metals.He also possesses pheromone manipulation that suppresses his scent and alters emotions and sensory perception of others for example sexual attraction, psychotic rage, and rational thinking.


He looks the same even when he uses his mutation


what his claws look like:


Ever since he was a little boy he has been told that sweet and caring. He never liked being mean to people for no reason but that changed when the event happened. His personality changed but only when people started to bother him. He use to be able to walk away from confrontation but now when ever he got mad its like he turned into an animal. Though he stayed funny many could see that he had changed. He is a great guy to be friends with. His only draw back in that he is a smart ass. He likes being sarcastic he thinks that it keeps life interesting. He is generally a pretty suave guy and charming can get people to do what he wants. Just don't make him upset he can't quite control his anger yet and when he gets mad his power comes out. Animals seem to like him alot for some reason he doesn't know why.


Iphone 4
black Backpack
Ray-Ban wayfarer


He was born and raised in Australia by his grandmother. His mother had died in child birth and his father commit suicide when he was just two years old. His grandmother tried her hardest to do the best for him so he never did anything that would hurt her. But when she died and he had to move to the united states with his uncle that all changed he didn't start acting out but he started no to care. Then when the incident happened all of that started to change.....

So begins...

Dustin Carter's Story