West CoastLycan

Leader of the Mutant Resistance

a character in “X-Gene”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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30 years old
An Old Mutant, one who was around when all of this began 10 years ago
For mutants, against humanity
Lycan is his nickname, no onw knows what his real one is

Lycan stands at 7 feet tall, although because of his ability this, his weight, and his body type change often. The provided picture is how he most often looks, although in public he wears normal clothes,which vary depending on the weather and where he is in the world. He also often wears a hat, as his animal ears don't dissapear no matter what human form he takes.


Lycan believes all of humanity is evil, and should be wiped out. He feels that mutants should rule the world, but isn't sure yet how he feels about the new mutants. but what he hates the most are the half-mutants of MTD.

More revealed in the rp.



Lycan has choosen his name after the mythical curse known as Lycanthropy, where a human changed their form into an animal, or an animal-humanoid. Normally this is a wolf, however he has the ability to shape shift into any animal he wants, and to be any size he wants, up to 10 feet tall He can also shapeshift into were-creatures, chimera, and so forth. Also, because of his abilities and how long he has been able to practise them, he can literally look like anyone and no one. By this I mean he can have any face, any body type, look like anyone at all.


Lycan was born a mutant. At the age of 13 he developed his powers and since then they have grown strongr. It is because of his powers that he was able to escape the government for so long. Now that there are so few Old Mutants, as he calls them, he hopes to gather up those that remain, while trying to recruit newer ones as well, and bring about a revolution with what he calls the Mutant Resistance.

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