Los AngelesRomeo Margrave

AKA- Ronin, the blade maker

a character in “X-Gene”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Also known as Ronin
19 years old
Full mutant
On the side of the mutants
Romeo stands at six feet tall, with an athletic build. His hair is brown and shaggy, often hiding his eyes, which are the same shade of brown. His skin has a healthy color to it, if a bit pale for somone who lives in L.A. Normally he wears sneakers, blue or black jeans, a tank top, and an open over shirt, and a fedora while outside. On occasion he'll put on a pair of black, fingerless gloves. His appearance doesn't really change much when he uses his abilities.


Revealed through the rp


Romeo always carries a small silver and green pocket knife, but nothing but the regular stuff aside from that, like his wallet and a pocket watch.

Abilities- bio-metallic blades
Romeo can cause hsi bones to produce an organic metal, which grows from his bones, through his skin, forming blades. He can either leave the blades in place, which allows them to be absorbed back into the bone, or he can take them out of his body and use them, like swords or daggers.
He also has very slight regenerative powers. Not like those of Wolverine, where he heals almost instantly, but where his wounds close more quickly and bleed much less. And when he does bleed it stops more quickly. Over night any wounds created by his blades will heal, but wounds given to him by any other means only heal slightly faster than normal.


Romeo was born and raised in Georgia, so he has a slight accent, but when he was 16 his mother and father got a divorse. His mother took him with her to California while his father, a military man, continued on with his 'very important work.' Since then he hasn't heard from his father, but he does send Romeo $1,000 every month, sort of like child support or something. He finished high school in California, but decided against collage because he doesn't like school, so intead he works in his mom's bakery and saves the money up, spending what he needs to of it. No one but himself knows that he has a small fortune saved up in the bank now.

Anything else to be revealed in the rp.

So begins...

Romeo Margrave's Story