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"Love the life you were given, and be grateful for what you do have, no wishful for what you don't."

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Real Name: Sally Musiq

Aliases: Flower


Gender: Female

Powers: Sally is a organopath. That means any living vegetation can be used by her as weapons. She can also grow or revive plants very well. She's not too good at her power yet, so sometimes when she walks, inside or out, a trail of flowers will grow behind her.



Place of Birth:Germany

History:Sally was born in Germany to a middle class family. She had two older brothers, and a younger sister. Her family was very tightly knit, and they barely ever fought. It was when she was 12 that things started to go down hill. Her mother got sick and passed away and her oldest brother, Daniel, was killed in a car accident. She did, however overcome these hardships, and move on to become a very intelligent and sweet girl. She migrated to America when she was 17 to attend college in San Fransisco. Her powers began to manifest and became too much for her to hide anymore, so she was forced to leave school, and eventually found the X-Men.

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Sally is a very sweet girl, never raising her voice or saying no. She always has too much on her plate because she's always doing things for other people. She's also very quiet, and hardly ever speaks unless spoken to. She would give her life to save a complete stranger, and she's always ready to take the blame for something she didn't do just so someone else doesn't get into trouble. She is very easy to take advantage of.

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