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When the government is overtaken by a anti-mutant president, the few remaining mutants are forced to go into hiding. This is the story of their fight and the daily lives of these mutants in a country that is against them.

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The room in the Safehouse was quiet. A few conversations were being carried, like a pingpong match, between mutants on the left side of the room and mutants on the right side. It was as though they were waiting for some great occurrence, or for the arrival of another. There were several more mutants outside of the safehouse, meandering about, and from her perch under the branches of a tree Ellisandria could make out their worried faces. She wondered what was going on.
Planting both feet firmly against the grass, she muttered a few words of concern under her breath. Almost immediately after she finished speaking, soft vibrations began rippling through the shadows around her, and a gentle vibrating sound filled the air. A dark mass formed around her, and through it anybody watching would be able to see her lips moving quickly in a chant. Then, she was gone.
Inside the Safehouse, the items on the tables began to shake back and forth as though an earthquake was coming. It was just a very light wobble, in most cases--the object would rock from side to side, but not move from the spot where it had been placed. A watch rattled off the edge of a desk, and a few pencils rolled each other onto the floor. Then, in the corner, the darkness seemed to conglamorate in one tight ball, before it expanded with a whoosh and deposited an extremely pale young woman where it had been. Her eyes trailed about the room, mere pupils in a sea of white. "What did I miss?" she uttered, barely audible.