X-Men: The Last Class

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When the government is overtaken by a anti-mutant president, the few remaining mutants are forced to go into hiding. This is the story of their fight and the daily lives of these mutants in a country that is against them.

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Setting: Meeting Room2011-04-17 04:36:32, as written by Rulke
It had occurred to him as much. But he understood stress everyone was under and he also knew that they needed him for re-con. It was times like this he missed the old country, they'd learnt their lesson of tyrannical rulers. United States was still too young in that respect. The next bit of news was bad, so backing further away he whispered, "I found Kitty's body. We were wrong, she never made it before the Institute was destroyed." a stray tear slipped down his eye. They weren't blood related, but Kitty Pryde had almost been like a sister to him.