Xavier's School For Gifted YoungstersConner Larson

A troublemaker with inhuman strength and speed.

a character in “X-Men: The New Generation”, as played by Loxley

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Conner is a tall and muscular blonde boy in his late teenage years. His body, while extremely wiry, is slender, and almost thin. He has icy blue eyes and spiky bleached blond hair. Clotheswise sually he wears jeans and muscle shirts, and occasionally he wears a blazer over them. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder depicting a snake coiling up around a sword, calling it a 'family crest'. It is apparent in his appearance that the young mutant has a serious attitude problem.


Conner isn't a bad person, but he does bad things. While some would say he's misunderstood, he himself would snort at words like that. He is a loner who rarely associates with the other students, and he is hotheaded, cynical and aggressive in his behavior. He values and admires strength above everything else, the only thing keeping him at the school being his admiration for Wolverine's strength. But he also has a twisted sense of honor, never attacking someone weaker than him, always protecting those if he can. Despite his cynical and aggressive hoodlum behavior, he is actually quite passionate underneath the outrageous surface.


Conner doesn't just have superhuman strength and speed. He also never leaves the school without his trusted weapons, a set of rubber brass knuckles for his right and left fists.


Conner's history of troublemaking began already as a six year old when he got into his first fight. He was just one of those people who always seemed to attract the wrong kind of attention. In time, he began to like it. He barely went through school with ten or so suspensions for fighting other students. He got in trouble with the law over several fights, and eventually, got involved with a gang. He never talks about his parents, or the time before he came to the school. Conner "discovered" his abilities (more like they made their first appearance) when he was fourteen, and was ambushed by several boys his own age who wanted to get revenge for previous, lost fights with the boy. He nearly killed them, and police were involved in the matter. That was when his reputation as a street brawler and troublemaker truly began, and people started to avoid him like the plague. He still always seems to get into fights, which has given him the reputation that he has today. In fact, on his spare time, he's made it a hobby to go out and pick fights among the 'wrong crowds' of the city. This, however, is a big problem because of his mutation, superhuman strength and speed.

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