Xavier's School For Gifted YoungstersLexi San


a character in “X-Men: The New Generation”, as played by Mackenzie Kuran

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


A dark aura, pale skin, amber eyes.


Haughty, proud, likes to gloat about her power. (Actually, she's the little girl running on the water when Logan first goes to the school :) ) Thinks herself above others, especially humans. Her best friend is Dante, because they share the same thoughts about the world. She is also Sam's friend.


Her power, and she can fight with a scythe blade and a bow and arrow if she must. She is also very smart.


No memories of her life before she came to the school. Grew up there, but refused to be taken in by the headmaster.

So begins...

Lexi San's Story