Xavier's School For Gifted YoungstersSam Night

"I'm a freak among freaks. Great."

a character in “X-Men: The New Generation”, as played by Mackenzie Kuran

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires



Her anger flares up easily, has a really short temper. She get jealous easily, and her emotions usually flare with her emotions. IE: anger=fire, sadness/grief=water, happiness=light, etc. She loves to sing and dance and write, and she is very smart. She is hard to persuade when she sets her mind to something, and she is kind and is able to see from someone's point of view.


She controls the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, with her mind easily, but sometimes when she has a big burst of emotion it's hard to control it. That's why she was discovered to be a Mutant when she set fire to her house and controlled water with her hand another time.


When her family discovered she was a Mutant they hid her from others and lied about her, keeping her a secret in order to make them look good. When they found out they couldn't conceal her they tried to kill her. She ran away and survived for three weeks in the woods by making fire to keep warm, summoning water to drink, growing mushrooms and berries in seconds to eat, and found she could produce light from her hands at will. Logan and some other mutants found her and Logan took her in and told her about the school where she could learn to control her powers. He took her in as a daughter at age 15. She takes several classes with the fire, water, earth, light, and air kids, and over time became aware that others only wanted to be her friend because of what she could do, so she stayed away from others, and kept her emotions to a minimum as best she could, but not all the time.

So begins...

Sam Night's Story