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X-Men: The Rise of Flamer

X-Men: The Rise of Flamer

When a powerful new mutant becomes known to the X-Men and the Brotherhood, the aftermath could end the war...Or destroy them all.

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The X-Men and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants have been enemies for a long time. While the X-Men seek to build a world where humans and mutants live together in harmony, the Brotherhood seeks to build a world where only mutant-kind is superior. The two have battled each other on many occasions, and have even been forced to pool their resources against such powerful foes as Juggernaut and Apocalypse. Though both sides are filled with strong warriors, there has never been a clear cut victor. With the discovery of a new mutant, however, victory is suddenly possible. However, defeat for all may be in store, as well.

Alan Arnan never really desired to be a mutant. He only learned that he had powers after he was nearly burned alive, and he only learned to use them in retaliation for the deaths of his parents. Flamer, the Fiery Spirit of Vengeance, wiped out the Mafia family that murdered his parents, and he was subsequently captured by a government organization and locked up in federal prison. While in prison, Alan turned away from vengeance, and shortened his moniker to Flamer. After being released a year later, he fell in love with Telemetra, a telepathic mutant who helped him build up his mental defenses. Horrified by the actions of his past, Erica distanced herself from Alan.

Flamer battled Cannon, a government organization devoted to stealing the powers of mutants and using it to make an alternate energy source. This same organization that captured him after the fall of the Mafia family was led by Leslie Givens, a woman who was once Alan's caregiver. Whiplash, a powerful mutant tasked by Cannon with rounding up mutants for the M-300 project, kidnapped Erica and Alan's best friend, Glacier. Enraged by these unforgivable betrayals, Alan stormed Cannon headquarters and killed Whiplash. As Alan escaped with his friends, the facility collapsed, crushing Leslie to death. However, the fruits of Cannon's labors had not yet withered and died.

In preparation for Flamer's arrival, Leslie ordered her lead scientist, Liam Whittaker, to take the samples of concentrated mutant power to a secure location. Whittaker could not resist the temptation of god-like power, and drank all ninety-nine samples. Within an hour, he transformed into a creature of unparalleled might, but at the cost of his sanity. Calling himself Energon, the creature began tearing apart New York City, forcing Alan and his friends to leap into action. The three were no match for Energon, however, and were forced to search for the Violet Obelisk, a mythical sword that supposedly fell from the heavens. After many trials, Alan secured the sword, then returned to face Energon.

In a final clash, Alan buried the Obelisk in Energon's heart, killing the mutant. The Obelisk's power dissolved him from existence, but the sword, unfortunately, went with him. Alan and Erica were reconciled, but she still needed time before the two could pursue a relationship. She traveled with Glacier down to Texas to stay with him, and Alan moved to a Midwestern town called Central City to live a much calmer existence. It has been a year since Energon's death, and Alan is now returning to the Big Apple. However, he has no idea what is in store for him there.


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Alan Arnan's eyes fluttered open, and he did a quick scan of the room as he sat up. He had been living in this apartment since he returned to New York, and had purchased it almost entirely off of his fame as a superhero. Given the economy, it had been hard to find a steady job, but he had landed one at a local YMCA, teaching martial arts to anyone who wanted the lessons. Of course, the establishment now preferred to be called "The Y", but it would always be YMCA to him. Alan stood up and made his way over to his bathroom, stepping into the shower. After that and a few more morning rituals, he left his apartment and headed upstairs.

As Alan stepped out onto the roof, the sun was just coming up. Every morning, he came up here to view the sunrise. As the sun passed the tops of the New York skyscrapers, he felt the heat from it, and that kick-started his heart. As the blood began to race through his veins, he did a front-flip off of the building and caused flames to shoot from the bottom of his shoes, so that he could hover in the air. Alan then shot off through the air, racing for his place of business. He laughed joyously as he did so, for this was one of the only things that brought him true happiness anymore.

He arrived quickly at the YMCA and walked in through the doors. He proceeded straight to the male locker room and found his locker, which was labeled "A. Arnan". He opened it and found his gi, which was a black one with the patches of the YMCA's dojo. Since he was a black belt in every known martial art, he could switch his patches as often as he needed to. Slipping on the gi, and tieing on his red and black belt, which denoted his rank as a tenth degree black belt, he exited the locker room. Alan made his way to the dojo, where all twenty-seven of his students had all ready gathered.

His students were an eclectic bunch, with plenty of white, yellow, green, brown, and black belts. His evening class also consisted of blue and orange belts, but that was common for Jujutsu, and not this Karate class. Alan stood before them and instructed them to line up according to rank of belt and time served in the dojo. Once done, he instructed his senior black belt, Mike, to run them through the basic warm-ups. As they did, he walked around, adjusting the belts and body movements of the newer students, and giving light praise to his senior students. When everyone was finished, he took the class over again.

"All right, students. Today, we're going to practice fighting from the floor. I want you to branch off into different groups. Green belts and above may do as you've practiced. Yellow belts and below, stay with me."
As his students moved to do as he was told, he pointed to his highest yellow belt.

"Tommy, come here."
Tommy did as instructed.
"Now, push me down."
Without hesitation, Tommy did a two hand shove to his chest. Alan bent his knnes and went down on his own, bringing up his legs and putting his hands into a fighting stance.
"When you are forced to defend yourself, you may have to fight off an opponent that has knocked you down and is advancing on you."

Tommy tried to move around him, but Alan was too fast and held him at bay with light kicks to his shins.
"You only need to focus on not being advanced on, but I'll show you an advanced application of the practice."
In one smooth motion, Alan turned his body, catching Tommy's leg with his. He then rolled with him and locked Tommy's leg with his own.
"If I would have kept rolling, I would have snapped Tommy's leg like a twig. That's why I teach control before technique."

Alan released Tommy and stood up, shaking his student's hand.
"Now, I want all of you to practice basic ground defense. Don't worry about being good. It all comes with time."
Alan smiled and watched his students. He couldn't have been happier at that moment.

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