Year 2372

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Welcome to the future of biotechnology.

Character Portrait: Orion Avery 6 feet tall, male, dark, straight hair tied back hanging to mid-back, slender build, relatively close-fitting clothing, mainly in black.
Character Portrait: [O] Megan Excuse me, pregnant lady coming through.
Character Portrait: [W] Ariel Resistance is futile, but makes me giggle a bit.
Character Portrait: [S] Martin It's only my [i]job[/i] to teach. Nowhere does it say I'm forced to be all proper about it.
Character Portrait: "Haken Nambu" One of the yongest members of the Nambu Clan, Haken is a new player to this world!
Character Portrait: Poppy Damiana 5'5", Red-headed techbot, smaller build, glasses, white trenchcoat. Smiles and waves =)
Character Portrait: Ken Blood Look both ways before crossing the street, because I'll likey be in both directions.
Character Portrait: Grish Philosophical Seebot and recon specialist, in short; a well spoken gentleman of action, only replace the monocle with a gasmask.
Character Portrait: Xenophon I can say the word 'hello' over 200,000,000 ways. Want to hear them all?
Character Portrait: Luca Iver The boy who's trying his hardest not to fit in, and maybe making friends along the way. Maybe.
Character Portrait: Rhoan Sykeling You could spot this Seebot's hair from a mile away--but if you're that close already, she knows who you are, what you do, and why you're looking at her.