Death Valley Skirmish GroundsElliott Kovina


a character in “Year 2372”, as played by SirusP

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Six foot, Caucasian, black hair and dark brown eyes. He is medium built, about average with various minor scars on his arms and hands - with a more  major burn mark on left hand top. 100% Human.


Elliott's personality is calm, cool and collected - but tends to keep to himself when not confronted with being social. Normally keeping to himself when in a crowed of people and rarley the first to forge a social encounter. 


x1 military fatigues/boots/helmet etc
x1 issue side arm and assault rifle
x1 ID
x1 communications device
x1 combat knife

civilian attire is dressed accordingly etc.


Elliott Kovina has experianced alot in his twenty eight years of life and he thanks that to being in the military. So intune with that lifestyle off duty he still goes by and introduces himself as Kovina. 

From his earliest years in life to now, his friends were robotic - his battle buddies, commanders and soldiers were even robotic but there was little if no care about it, even as much as the feeling of envy because being human seemed so boring at times but he was sure there wassnt a vast differance in the lifestyles anymore. 

Kovina had been a Sergeant for sometime, he enjoyed the responsibility of it and had little desire to go higher - he was going down the road of being content where he was and not desiring more. Working in a Special Forces unit where humans were rare, he was a team leader and the only human in the team. Despite now, where he spends more time in the cities housing friendly populations dud to the army picking up more civil policing roles and more specialized soldiers were called back as grunts were sent to the slaughter. 

With a friendly nod and shrug, Kovina just goes on his way and does what he is told, atleast most of the time.

So begins...

Elliott Kovina's Story